Guardian Spirit Protection

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30 Req
Spirit Protection 20.0% 23% ? req
Elixir Effect On Life Recovery +20.0% +25% ? req
Dash Speed +10.0% +10% ? req
Low Attack Damage +8.0% +10% ? req
Luck(Using Living Weapon) +100 +125 15 req
Ninjutsu Power +75 +100 18 req

Living Weapon

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30  
ATK Enhance 5.0% 6%  
Lightning 30 50  
Duration 18.0 19.6  
Might 400 480  
Action B B+  
Recovery B B+  
Tenacity C- C-  
Amrita Gauge Rate A- A-  

Gyokuto in Nioh is a Guardian Spirit that the player can choose that provides the player with passive and active benefits. Living Weapon is used by pressing + when the meter is full.


Gyokuto Information

"Pronounced "Gyokuto" in Japanese, Japan is home to many legends about the moon-hares, said to be capable of great speed. Some say that when lightning flashes across the sky, it is actually a moon-hare traveling to Earth and back. Legend has it that they spend their time on the moon making mochi ricecakes, or medicine; either way, these stories show them to have kind and caring spirits. always working hard to make something useful. In time, the moon-hare came to be seen as the guardian of travelers, who would often venerate them to help ensure safe passage."


How to Obtain



Gyokuto Strategies and Notes

  • Gyokuto's 100 Ninjutsu Power equates to roughtly a 15%  Increase in Ninjutsu Damage.


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