Raven Tengu

Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances Wind
Immune ??

Raven Tengu is an Enemy in Nioh.


Raven Tengu Description

"Karasu Tengu, giant Tengu with wings like a crow's, have been known to humans since ancient times. They have keen eyesight and hard beaks and fly about as they please, controlling the wind. They have no trouble finding purchase even on sheer cliff faces and use their control over winds to attack when provoked, making them a troublesome foe."

"Tengu are said to be strange echoes of Garuda, Buddhist guardian deity and slayer of serpents and dragons. Reportedly, in some areas they coexist with humans. The Karasu Tengu on Mount Kurama in Kyoto's north are credited with teaching the yong Minamoto no Yoshitsune swordsmanship."


Combat Information

  • Blocking is effective versus the tengu. This is preferred since it can be difficult to cleanly dodge its staff swipe. 
  • Lightning is effective in slowing down the Tengu's attacks.
  • Area Attacks?
  • Ninjutsu tips
  • Sword Ki in conjunction with blocking is effective in draining the Tengu's ki. 


Notes & Trivia

  • 天狗: Tengu - Heavenly Hound. A type of Shinto Kami (god) or Yokai found in Japanese folklore. The name is derivative of a similar Chinese deity, and associated with bird-like features. Buddhism in Japan sustained Tengu were predatory, but their depictions have instead lend the Tengu to seem protective and neutral over time. There's therefore "good" and "bad" tengu.


Raven Tengu Locations & Drops


Location HP KI Drops
The Squirming Sprite ?? ??

Smithing Text: Raven Tengu Tokyo


Location HP KI Drops
Futamata ?? ??



Location HP KI Drops
Futamata ?? ??




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    • 30 Apr 2017 17:32  

      There are missions where you have to fight two of them at the same time.Seriously these fights are tougher than a boss..And they are found usually in the worst places where you can fall off a cliff or getting burned as you try to dash away from them. Worst enemy in the game.

      • 23 Mar 2017 10:48  

        It has 3 melee attacks:
        Slow Swipe, Slow staff swing, fast staff swing. The fast staff swing is easy to block

        Get close and be in block, if it starts a slow animation then immediately dodge backwards, then dash forward for a quick swing and then immediately start blocking again. If it does the fast swing you will block it before you even realise its using a fast swing. Just keep that block up and wait a moment before you dodge backwards

        • 03 Mar 2017 17:17  

          For Onymo users - if you can land a couple of Water shots before he engages, then spam low stance quick attacks with an elemental weapon, you can stun-lock him easily. Once he can't dodge or hyper armor through attacks, his low health will do him in before confusion wears off.

          • Raven Tengu [Nioh Wiki]24 Feb 2017 16:10  

            Trick with that one is stand behind where the forst one spawns and almost kill it before its spawn animation is over. Took me a while to figure it out. I kill bosses easier than these stupid birds. Im lv 136 now and still havent come up with a decent strategy for them

            • 24 Feb 2017 12:23  

              Ok, for all the crybabies in the comments - If he attacks with his stick, block. If he attacks with the claw straight into the kick, dodge backwards, if he shoots at you, dodge to the side - same goes for his grab attack. And as always, attack while he is recovering from his attacks. It's that simple.

              • 21 Feb 2017 15:40  

                A great tactic for fighting these guys is to stay just outside of "Spear" range, this will provoke them to do a three staff swing combo. Two attacks come quickly and then the staff swings after. There is an opening after the third swing to him him safely.

                • 18 Feb 2017 04:25  

                  there's a side mission with 2 of these bastards at once, Kuroda's Determination. My recommendation is to avoid this mission, just don't even bother with it. You cannot summon help for this mission as there are no shrines. Anyone who manages this mission is obviously very good at this game, at least until the devs wake up and realize this enemy needs some give added to it

                  • 17 Feb 2017 03:32  

                    this enemy here, whenever i see it in a level, there's one thing i do immediately: backtrack to a shrine and offer up an ochoko cup. That's the only strategy i found that works for these bastards in serious need of a nerf

                    • 12 Feb 2017 00:29  

                      I cannot figure out a good tactic for these. They seem to have hyper armor and I cannot stop their attacks no matter what. I have to get in with a couple of attacks maximum before backing off. They also seem to have way more health than almost everything else.

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