Reforge in Nioh is the process by which you can reroll the different attributes of your Weapons in Armor. By selecting a specific attribute that you want to eliminate from the piece of equipment, the process will randomly selecting a new attribute to replace it from an available pool of possible attributes. This service is performed at the Blacksmith.


Re-Forging Melee Weapons



Melee Weapons have 6 exclusive pools and 1 non-exclusive pool. The non-exclusive bonuses can appear in any pool and all or none can be present at one time. The non-exclusive pool is made up of: Break, Parry and Proficiency Bonus. The 6 exclusive pools are listed below and only one of each pool can appear on a Weapon. Some Weapons come with fixed/locked bonuses that cannot be rerolled.

These values below are preliminary values, please edit the tables with any new higher values you encounter.



Recovery Pool

Bonus Max Value
Low Attack Life Recovery 11
Mid Attack Life Recovery 11
High Attack Life Recovery 11
Quick Attack Life Recovery 13
Strong Attack Life Recovery 13
Close Combat Attack Life Recovery 9
Close Combat Health Recovery 129
Skill Life Recovery 14
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%

Break Pool

Bonus Max Value
Low Attack Break 17.7%
Mid Attack Break 17.7%
High Attack Break 17.7%
Quick Attack Break 12.8%
Strong Attack Break 12.8%
Skill Break 17.7%
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%

Damage Pool

Bonus Max Value
Agility Damage Bonus A+
Attack Effect (Magic) A+
Attack Effect (Spirit) A+
Enemies Defeated Damage Bonus A-
Familiarity Damage Bonus A-
Quick Attack Damage 12.1%
Strong Attack Damage 12.1%
Low Attack Damage 13.1%
Mid Attack Damage 13.1%
High Attack Damage 13.1%
Close Combat Damage 15%
Close Combat Attack (Critical) 19.8%
Skill Damage 14.9%
Damage From Behind 17.9%
Damage to Revenants 15.7%
Human Close Combat Damage 14.2%
Yokai Close Combat Damage 14.2%
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%

Elemental Pool

Bonus Max Value (Base -> lvl 150)
Fire 4 -> 10
Water 4 -> 10
Wind 4 -> 10
Lightning 4 -> 10
Earth 4 -> 10
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%

Defensive Pool

Bonus Max Value
Low Guard Ki Usage 20.1%
Mid Guard Ki Usage 20.1%
High Guard Ki Usage 20.1%
Guard Ki Usage 18.3%
Guard Ki Usage (Critical) 22.6%
Parry (Critical) 22.6%
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%

Ki Usage Pool

Bonus Max Value
Low Attack Ki Usage 18.0%
Mid Attack Ki Usage 18.0%
High Attack Ki Usage 18.0%
Quick Attack Ki Usage 13.4%
Strong Attack Ki Usage 13.4%
Close Combat Attack Ki Usage 14.9%
Close Combat Ki Usage (Critical) 21.8%
Break 12
Parry 9
Proficiency Bonus 14.9%


    • 20 Feb 2017 08:51  

      For anyone curious I have tested extensively all the bonuses and have concluded that Familiarity Bonus of A+(max familiarity with a weapon) equals 15.5% damage increases, Agility Bonus of A+ with Agility of A equals 15%, Enemies Defeated bonus seemed to cap at 8 or 9%, not sure if it time based but couldn't get it higher after clearing the first area so may be higher if you can manage to kill more in a shorter span of time, I got as far as the hut that holds the key with the first Yokai in the game, finally the change to stat on the Katana, my weapon of choice, benefits the most from change to skill A+. I tried the strength, heart, body, and skill all with no skills unlocked and with the exact same stats. Also the biggest damage boost comes from low, mid, high attack currently at 15.9%. If any found an higher values or different results please post. I'm trying to unlock the best weapon possible. Thanks.

      • 17 Feb 2017 00:17  

        Is there any possible way to remove the inheritable special effect from a weapon? I have some really really good weapons stuck with one really bad inheritable special effect.

        • 13 Feb 2017 01:13  

          It takes luck, gold, and LOADS of spirit iron, but putting Bonus Amrita on all your favorite armors is well worth the multiple rolls of the dice to get it.

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