Revenants in Nioh are AI controlled enemies of particular characteristics. Some are pre-made enemies with special pre-determined gear which can be identified with a red name, whilst others are created where a fellow player has fallen. Game generated Revenants will display a cause of death that will warn you of upcoming traps or that tells about the past of that area.



All Revenants have a chance to drop Ochoko cups, which are needed to summon players into your world via Online play. Revenants have a chance to drop any of the gear that they are wearing, and you can see what they have as you near it. The Revenants of friend graves will have a special aura to it. It may be worth fighting a Revenant who has all purple or green gear if you need better gear. 



Revenant Locations

Developer-placed revenants (equipment color and effects are random, can be rerolled by reloading the game) can be found in:

Note: The unique "kawari-kabutos" are marked in green.


Revenant Types & Strategies

Heavy Weapons

Fast Weapons

    • Anonymous

      23 Aug 2017 16:07  

      I stumbled across a hassle free and 2 second method for slaying revenants when I was lower level, using a shuriken to make them guard, then firing off a Mizuchi summon talisman. This knocks every revenant flat, which is an easy way to get in a stab on the ground. Very few survived, and those that did got a combo from behind. Are there any other good options for this? Obviously there's the counterattack route.

      • Anonymous

        10 Mar 2017 13:43  

        Has anyone else found a guy named Isono Heisaburo? I fell on him and killed him. He then said something about wanting to see nanba again and left behind a revenant grave which said "Impaled by william". This was in A Defiled Holy Mountain mission.

        • Anonymous

          24 Feb 2017 12:05  

          Honestly I feel like the revenant system makes gearing up way to easy, espacially in ng+ where everyone has full green gear.
          There is basically no more reason to use the smithing in the game (which i liked), only one player needs to craft the perfect gear and it will spread to every other player over time like a *****ing Epidemic.

          • 16 Feb 2017 16:02  

            Weird issue with player revenants lately, getting weapon and armor drops from them with completely blank special effects pages even though they're Blue and Purple rarity.

            • Anonymous

              12 Feb 2017 03:31  

              I think I just discovered that any armor you get from a revenant will not be able to be refashioned onto other armor if you didn't have it already also any set armor you get from a revenant will not give their set bonuses

              • Anonymous

                11 Feb 2017 12:56  

                What is up with the red lil sword mounds next to the level? I'm thinking it's the degree of difficulty but not certain. Does any1 know?

                • Anonymous

                  08 Feb 2017 19:14  

                  Im too lazy to make an account, but basically the item drop rate of the gear that the revenant is carrying is lower the higher the rarity of the weapon. It feels like this because ive met (until now) 10 people with one blue item and 5 purple, and my luck gave me the blue item instead. I dont know if the item piece itself has a "special" droprate or if the category has a specific droprate(head/weapontype/chest/boots/etc.). But my guess would be that if all gear has the same droprate and all gear is the same colour... You would only have around a 16.66 ℅ roulette chance (or what i should call it). Basically a 16.66℅ chance that it would be the item you want. Im going to fight about 100 of them and see how many drop ochoko cups and give a new feedback on that later.

                  Sincere ~ NMC.

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