Shishido Kusarigama

Body Change D+ Skill Change C+
Dexterity Change B+ Attack Multiplier 615
Break 45 Parry 30


?? ? ?? ?

Shishido Kusarigama is a Weapon in Nioh.


Shishido Kusarigama Description

Description goes here.


Possible Status Effects

  • ?? (+%)
  • ?? (-%)
  • ?? (+%)
  • ?? (+%)
  • ?? (+%)
  • ?? (+?)
  • ?? (-%)
  • ?? (-%)


Location/Where to Find



  • Example Note


Shishido Kusarigama Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier by Quality
  White Yellow Blue Purple Green
Level 1 ??        
Level 2 ??        
Level 3 ??        
Level 4 ??        
Level 5 ??        





    • 08 Apr 2017 23:36  

      2 months in, and the wiki on this site is basically empty. I've been trying to figure out how to get this weapon and there is absolutely no consensus on it. It took forever just to figure out that "A clash of sickles" only shows up after the "Immortal Flame" mission on the 5th location, Sekigahara. So many people have gotten that info wrong and it was frustrating trying to figure it out. And then it won't even show up in the Dojo unless you have 500000 proficiency with kusarigamas. And that's only after you did the vetreran Way of the Warrior. Supposedly you'll get the text for it when you win, but I have no idea what the recipe will require. Also, apparently the Dojo master can just drop the thing, but I have unreliable sources at best. The whole purpose of a wiki like this is to have this kind of information readily available, and this one fail horribly at it.

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