Enemy Type Yokai
Weakness OFF
Resistances OFF
Immune ??
Special Drop Demon's Horn

Yoki is an Enemy in Nioh.


Yoki Description

"A human turned fiend by the power of Amrita. Also known as a form of oni, a muscular, horned humanoid dwelling in the mountains. The Shuten-doji is the most famous; so too are the oni who are fought by Momotaro, the Peach Boy. Every February in Japan, a ritual called Setsubun is undertaken where citizens scatter beans to drive away oni and pray for good health."

"The power of Amrita is double-edged sword. If used improperly, or with evil intent, it has the power to transform the user into a fiend. A fiend is far stronger than a human, but devoid of rationality, they can only follow their instincts to attack any who happen across their path."



Combat Information

  • Blocking is effective but drains a lot of stamina
  • These enemies have long reach and a treacherous shoulder bash
  • Can burn, so Kayaku-dama is a good projectile to use against them
  • Not weak to any particular magic, but easily poisoned with two poison shuriken.
  • They will lose Ki if you throw Salt at them. Whenever they create a pool of Yokai Real, perform a purification as soon as possible
  • Can be lured out, kited, and eventually resets to original position without regenerating health.
  • Most often attacks with 2-hit Combo basic attacks, or will rage swipe.
  • Can be drained of Ki and made vunerable to Grapple attacks if you attack and strike their head; either with a ranged attack and good aim or a High Stance attack with many weapons. They'll lose all their Ki and start to fall down, if you're fast you can actually get off two Grapple attacks on them in this state. This also seems to make them drop Demon's Horns eith 100% certainty.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kanji: Yomikata - Lore description.


Yoki Locations & Drops

Sword Yoki

Location HP KI Drops
Isle of Demons ?? ??


Dual Sword Yoki

Location HP KI Drops
Isle of Demons ?? ??


Axe Yoki

Location HP KI Drops
Isle of Demons ?? ??




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