Amrita Memories in Nioh are a category which details a wide variety of tutorials, people, and background information. These are commonly provided after being introduced to a new game mechanic, searching a corpse, or experiencing certain in-game events. This page covers tutorials, people, and backgrounds.


Amrita Memories




Title Description Requirements
Attacks Quick Attack: (Button)   Strong Attack: (Button)

Quick attacks use less Ki, but they do not cause much damage. Strong attacks inflict more damage, but they also consume more Ki and leave you more vulnerable after the move. Once your Ki is gone, you cannot attack until it is replenished.

On the field of battle, your own strength is the only thing on which you can rely. Take up arms and fight if you wish to live.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. At the start of the mission, walk up to the breakable wall.
Dash Dash: Hold (Button)+(Button)

Ki is consumed while dashing. You will not be able to dash for a little while if your Ki runs out.

Victory comes in but a fleeting instant. Cross the battlefield like the wind and strike down your enemy. However, take care not to lose all of your Ki and let your enemies surround you.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. At the start of the mission, loot the first corpse after breaking a wall.
 Lock-On Lock-on: (Button)

Change targets: (Button) 

While locked onto an enemy, the camera will always centre on that enemy. The enemy's health and Ki will also be displayed.

It is essential to watch and understand enemy movement if you are to win your battles. If you can understand your enemy, you can learn their strengths as well.
Aggro an enemy. 
Guarding and Evasion Guard: (Button)   Evade: (Button)

Guarding enemy attacks avoids taking damage, but it does consume Ki. If all Ki is lost when guarding, your guard will be broken. Some attacks can take a large amount of Ki.

Evasion lets you dodge an enemy attack, but like guarding, evasion also consumes Ki.

Recklessly launching attack after attack ultimately leaves you standing helpless. Sometimes a warrior must take the defensive to put them in a better position for their next attack.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. Search a corpse in a cell using the Dungeon Key, or aggro the Crossbowman up the stairs as you leave the dungeon.
Changing Weapons Change weapon:
Melee weapon: (Button)+(Button)

Ranged weapon: (Button)+(Button)

Allows you to swap melee or ranged weapons. You can equip up to two of each at the same time from the Status Menu.

It is vital to equip weapons best suited to the battles you face. Endeavour to master all weapons and understand in an instant the right one for a fight.

However, you are limited to what you can physically carry. Pay attention to your surroundings and choose wisely.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. Open the large chest after the first shrine. Or in the mission Basic Action Controls. Activate the Changing Weapons tutorial.
Status Menu Status Menu: (Button)

You can change equipment and check your belongings on the Status Menu.

No matter how powerful the sword, no matter how powerful the skill, you must equip a weapon and learn the skill for it to be of use. Before heading into battle, always remember to check equipment.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. Open the chest in the dungeon. Or loot 2 unique weapons.
Using Items Use an item:
Assign an item to a shortcut, and press (Button), (Button), (Button), or (Button).

(To switch between shortcuts, press (Button) )

Items can be assigned to shortcuts in the Equipment Menu, giving you quick access to them even in the heat of battle. Items can also be used from the Inventory Menu.

Two different sets of 4 shortcuts can be created. Use (Button) to switch between them.

Always strike for greatness.
Only preparation can extinguish adversity.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. Open the chest just as you leave the dungeon. Or loot a Usable Item.
Killing Strike Killing Strike: (Button) near a downed enemy.

Pressing (Button) near a downed enemy will perform a Killing Strike.

There is no place for mercy on the battlefield. If an enemy falls, strike when he is vulnerable to finish the fight.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. In the tower with the second shrine, search the corpse on the floor in the basement.
Drop Attacks Drop Attack: (Button) or (Button) while in the air.

Drop attacks can inflict a great deal of damage to an enemy. However, dropping from a high spot will cause you to take damage as well. The damage inflicted will increase with heavier equipment and by dropping from a greater height.

Striking an enemy from above is not a dishonourable attack. On the field of death, it is simply one more tactic to stay alive.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. In the tower with the second shrine, search the corpse on the roof. 
Stances Change Stance:
High Stance: (Button)+(Button)

Mid Stance: (Button)+(Button)

Low Stance: (Button)+(Button)

High stance excels at offence, with powerful attacks that do a lot of damage. Mid stance is good for defence, and many moves from mid stance can hit enemies in a wide area. Low stance is good for evasion, and because moves in this stance consume less Ki, you are less likely to become vulnerable after performing a move.
In the mission Basic Action Controls. Activate the High Stance tutorial. Or in the mission Isle of Demons. Search the corpse after passing the second hut in an alley.
Ki Pulse Ki Pulse: (Button) when the blue light gathers to you after an attack.

Using Ki Pulse will replenish your Ki. The maximum possible Ki which can be gained is shown in the Ki Gauge, but how much Ki is replenished depends on your timing.

Do not lose focus when you finish a move. If you stay on your toes and quickly ready yourself for the next strike, your Ki will be replenished. Master the Ki Pulse, for it is a vital part of the flow of battle.
In the mission Basic Action Controls. Activate the Ki Pulse tutorial.
Yokai Realm Yokai Realm: A special area created by Yokai enemies.

Within the Yokai Realm, humans regenerate Ki at a much slowe rate. However, the effects of special area serve to strengthen any Yokai within.

A shadowy place born of unnatural creatures - this is the Yokai Realm. Any human entering the Yokai Realm will lose his Ki and quickly fall into a dilemma from which there is no easy escape.
In the mission Basic Action Controls. Activate the Yokai Realm tutorial.
Shooting Shoot: Press (Button) while holding (Button)
Switch ammo type: (Button) for normal, (Button) for special.
Press (Button) to zoom.

Ready your ranged weapon with (Button) and press (Button) to shoot.

Use (Button) to move the reticule. Switch between types of ammo by pressing (Button) or (Button).
Some enemies have a weak spot. Landing a hit on their weak spot will deal greater damage and break their stance. The middle of the reticule will turn red when pointed at an enemy's weak spot, and the rest of the reticule will turn red the close you are to an enemy.

Aim well when trying to shoot an enemy from far away. A well-placed hit to a vital spot could bring an enemy down in one shot.
In the mission Basic Action Controls. Activate the Shooting tutorial.
Living Weapons Living Weapon: When the Guardian Spirit Amrita Gauge is full, press (Button)+(Button)
Guarding Spirit Skill:While a Living Weapon is active press (Button)+(Button)

Triggering a Living Weapon changes the Health Gauge and Ki Gauge into the Living Weapon Gauge. As long as the Living Weapon Gauge is active you are impervious to damage and your close combat attacks inflict more damage. The Living Weapon Gauge decreases over time and when enemy attacks land. Once the gauge is fully depleted, its effects wear off. While a Living Weapon is active, pressing (Button)+(Button) will perform your Guardian Spirit's unique skill.

Living Weapons release the energy stored by spirit stones, drawing forth the spirits that dwell within them. For a time these spirits will make the weapons' attack far stronger than normal.
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. During the Derrick the Executioner boss fight, deplete his Ki.
Shrines Pray at a Shrine: Regain health/use the Shrine Menu.

Praying at a shrine will refill your health and open the Shrine Menu. In the Shrine Menu, you can perfome actions such as levelling up, changing Guardian Spirits, and summoning Visitors.

Shrines are holy places where the gods gather. Properly paying your respects there can greatly ease your burdens.
In the mission Isle of Demons. Search the stone structure next to the first Shrine.


Title Description Requirements


Title Description Requirements
 The Black Tower From the time of its creation, the Tower of London has served as both home for Britain's rulers and execution for its criminals.

in more recent times it has also become inhabited by large number of ravens, ever since it became prohibited to kill them within the Tower. The reason: a certain wizard proclaiming that the killing of crows and ravens would lead to the destruction of england itself.

Now, every inch of the Tower is riddled with the birds, giving the entire area an eerie, unsettling air. 
In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. Look through a locked door and listen to Edward Kelley's conversation.
 Entertainment For The People The citizens have little in the way of leisure activities. Their greatest entertainment takes the form of public executions of criminals.

Whether young or old, rich or poor, not a soul in England would spare mercy for those held captive in the Tower of London.

With a great hock of meat in one hand and a mug of ale in the other, they would cheer ecstatically when a criminal met his bloody end.

In the mission The Man with the Guardian Spirit. In the tower with the second shrine, search the second corpse on a chair in the basement. 



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