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Ashikaga is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Ashikaga clan were a well-known family descended from the Kawachi Genji who had been hereditary shoguns of the Muromachi shogunate founded by Ashikaga Takauji. Their land holdings included Yamashiro province (modern-day Southern Kyoto). Their best-known shoguns in the Warring States period were Yoshiteru and Yoshiaki.

Yoshiteru devoted himself to reviving the miserable fortunes of his once-proud clan. He became known as the "Swordsman Shogun" battling against the Miyoshi clan and others, but his life came to an ignoble end when he was assassinated in the capital. His half-brother Yoshiaki fled the city and sought refuge with Oda Nobunaga, eventually returning to the capital with Nobunaga's forces on his side. However, before long Nobunaga turned on Yoshiaki and drove him out of the city again.

The family was two parallel lines, said to represent two dragons. Tradition held that he who bore the emblem would share in the dragons' mystical powers.

Crest Protection

  • Human Close Combat Attack (Dual Swords): +5.5%
  • Increased Mission Rewards: +8%

Special Reward

Daily Reward

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