Build Name
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
Any Any Any High High
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
Any Any Any Any -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Axe of the East
  • Build Level:
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat:


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: Axes / Spears / Kusarigama
  • Ranged Weapon: Player choice
  • Armor Type: Heavy
  • Accessories: Player choice
  • Items: Player choice
  • Guardian Spirit: Kenbu or Kato


Build Strategy

This is not so much a specific build as it is an approach and part of the beauty in Nioh is that you don't necessarily need to target specific stat values and can instead take a general approach on what stats to focus on. Unlock The Adamantine to trade speed for defense. Use mid stance to allow for better guarding and combine it with Battle Focus to conserve on the Ki you use when attacking. The rest of your skill selection should be mid stance focused, such as Cornered Boar and Living Water. Avoid Samurai skills and focus on Onmyo Magic Skills and Ninjutsu skills. Use heavy armor to help reduce the amount of damage you take.



|  Adamantine Axe  | |  Katana Master  | |  Ninja Warrior  | |  Powerful Swordsman  | |  Tank  |


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