Battle Stats


Battle Stats in Nioh affect how much damage the player does, how much damage he/she can take and how much Ki is consumed when blocking, etc.



Affects how much damage your weapon causes on enemies.



Affects how severely an enemy's guard is broken.



Affects how much Ki is lost when blocking an enemy attack.



Affects how much damage you take.


VS. Break

Resistance to guard breaks


VS. Fire

Resistance to fire attacks.


VS. Water

Resistance to water attacks.


VS. Wind

Resistance to wind attacks.


VS. Lightning

Resistance to lightning attacks.


VS. Earth

Resistance to earth attacks.


VS. Poison

Resistance to poison.


VS. Paralysis

Resistance to Paralysis.


VS. Yokai Realm

Resistance to the Yokai Realm. Normally, a human's Ki drains at an alarming rate in the Yokai Realm, but this resistance lessens the effect.

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