Bloody Grave is an online feature of Nioh.

Bloody Grave

Corpses of other players will appear in your world and you can challenge them (they become AI controlled specters of the players) for loot and experience. The corpse of another player will appear as a katana driven into the ground called a Bloody Grave, surrounded by a swirling red smoke/fire. You can inspect this to view the level of the player, the player's ID, how they died and when, the rarity of the items held and the Spirit Guardian it has. Activating the blade mound will trigger an NPC representation of the fallen player, called a Revenant. William will then fight the corpse with an opportunity to earn loot from defeating it.

Player Corpse Small.jpg

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    • Anonymous

      I'm thinking about buying the Complete Edition from Asia but I wanna know if the bloody graves from other players will still appear even if my psn account is american, anyone knows something about it?

      • Anonymous

        Anyone can tell me how do I change my title in the blood grave? I've always see people with cool titles like "God of War" and "I Never Lose", but mine is just my account name.

        • Anonymous

          Hey somebody know why there's a blue title bloody graves? I found one not named "tumba sangrienta" (bloody grave) and instead of that the name "naturaleza salvaje" (wild nature) in blue.

          • When I was testing Bloody Graves with a friend, I noticed that his glowed even more significantly than others. It had a golden-ish particle effect surrounding it, and upon defeating his revenant, I was able to claim most of the gear he had equipped at the time (which included his weapon and either four or five pieces of his armor). Repeated it several times with different missions and death locations, and it's been very consistent on giving me most of his gear. I was wondering if anyone knew what caused that golden particle effect? I've only seen it one other time from a player I didn't recognize (which I was also able to obtain most of their gear), but the glow wasn't as radiant as my friend's. Does it have anything to do with co-op success counts?

            • Anonymous

              I'd really like to know the level range for Bloody Graves. I know I can see all Bloody Graves that have lower levels, just going to an earlier mission confirmed that. However, if I were to die in said early game mission, would low level players be able to see my grave and fight my revenant? Is it mission locked, ie- once finishing a mission you are no longer able to leave bloody graves in said mission? I feel like this may be the case in order to prevent low level players gaining access to end game gear, although, I honestly see no real reason to prevent that from occurring, considering there is no genuine pvp for it to affect.

              • I've come across 2 graves now that, in addition to all their normal information, also have a box at the top with a symbol and a name next to it. I've seen Muneshige and Oda and they were for actual other players because they weren't written in red. Does anybody know what that additional bar on top with the symbol and name means? Is it a set bonus they have equipped or something?

                • Not sure if I should up date this on the wiki or not. But certain bloody graves are not players. The graves with Red names are pre-generated and will always appear at the same location each time you revisit a mission. I have a feeling their loot is going to be pre determined and it maybe worth farming them a few times and seeing if their loot changes or if they contain specific rare items.

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