Cloud Crush

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type

Cloud Crush is an Axe Skill in Nioh


Cloud Crush Description

  • Low stance only. Follow a combo with an upward slice that lifts and hurls the enemy back.



Cloud Crush Command

  •  mid combo




  • Single hit, damage and range are a bit higher than light low stance attacks.
  • Deals high ki damage if unguarded, but it is bad against blocking enemies
  • Can be used as a simple combo extender, to get an extra hit off the basic light low combo
  • In the string light attack -> cloud crush, if you wait a bit, you ki pulse and regain most of the ki
  • Works pretty well against enemies with low ki that dont block much, like giant skeletons. Against giant skeletons in particular, light -> cloud crush depletes around half their ki
  • If the enemy is human, and Cloud Crush depletes its ki when it hits ( depletes, you don't need the enemy to be out of ki before but after the strike ) , it will send the enemy flying and deal higher damage.





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    • Anonymous

      I don't know why but after trying this move on a number of different humanoid enemies I can't seem to get it to work. I do the move like it's shown but it doesn't seem to grab enemies no matter what I do.

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