Combat Stances in Nioh are the different fighting poses that William will use during Combat. Each stance has its own strengths, weaknesses, and situational applications. Choosing stances and combining them with Weapons and Skills form the deep combat elements that define the game. 


Combat Stances


The radial icon on the bottom right of the screen are your combat stance options. Selecting a stance will change the orientation of your equipped weapon and change the attacks you can make. There are 3 different stances:


High Stance High Stance: attacks from this stance feature increased damage at the cost of heavy Ki consumption. High Stance emphasizes attack power and aggression. It provides more Attack and Break power than any other stance, but dodging and blocking are relatively limited.
Mid Stance Mid Stance: attacks from this stance are balanced between defensive and offensive properties and feature support skills. It excels at blocking. Mid Stance is good for defense, and is easy to use, but attack power falls somewhere between High Stance and Low Stance. Getting behind your opponent from this stance is difficult, so facing off is your best bet since you’ll have the ability to react quickly to their every move.
Low Stance Low Stance: attacks from this stance are fast with low damage as well as low Ki consumption. Low Stance is best for dodging and is effective on groups of enemies. Its primary focus is evasive movement, allowing you to escape quickly or get behind your opponent and attack.



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