Daiichi Daiman Daikichi

2 Pieces Damage Reduction: 2.0%
Skill Damage (Night Rain): +30.0%
4 Pieces Close Combat Damage: +10.2%
Increase Attack & Defense (Izuna): +10
5 Pieces Close Combat Attack (Enemy Blustered): +27.5%
6 Pieces Strong Attack Ki Reduction: 25.0%

Daiichi Daiman Daikichi is a Set in Nioh.


Daiichi Daiman Daikichi Information


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Set Pieces




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    • Anonymous

      It's great in combination with Date Masamune's set (4 pieces of Gallantry, 3 of One-eyed Dragon's ambition and 2 of a Wind Grace) and Magatama Yasakani off course. Use Tengu's fan or Gale Shot on enemies to bluster them, so your damage is increased because the status. a

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