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Date is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Date clan spread from their base in Date, Mutsu province (present-day Northern Fukushima) to control the entire Tohoku region in Japan's north. The clan's leader at the height of its power was Date Masamune.

After inheriting control of the clan, Masamune clashed with other warrior families including the Mogami, Ashina, and Satake. Despite his defeat at the Battle of Hitotoribashi and other setbacks, in just a few years Masamune had tightened his grip on Mutsu and came to be feared by his enemies as the "One-eyed dragon". He grudgingly accepted Toyotomi Hideyoshi as his lord, but his ambition and keen grasp of the political situation meant that he was repeatedly suspected of plotting rebellion.

The Date family crest, "Take-ni-niwa-tobisuzume", depicts two sparrows in a bamboo thicket. It was received from the powerful Uesugi clan when the Date clan was considering sending one of their sons to be adopted by them. It is known as the "Sendai bamboo" after the city Masamune built on what had once been a simple fishing village.


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