Death to Bandits is a Mission in Nioh.



"I believed the bandits hired by those foreign merchants were defeated, but it seems I was wrong. Some still remain at large, terrorizing the villagers. William,
you are skilled at slaying demons; willl you now turn your skills to the service of your fellow man? These remnants are but a motley rabble. Strike down

their leader and the rest will surely lose their will to fight."



General Information

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  • Region: ??
  • Giver: ??
  • Recommended Levels: 10+
  • Bosses: Bandit Leader
  • Rewards: Young Samurai's Locks, 4x Lightning Amulet, Bandit Axe, Minoden Dual Tachi
  • Gold: 6700
  • Amrita: 3160
  • Shrines: ??


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NPCs in the area

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  • ?
  • ?


  • Bandit Leader


  • Bandid Axe
  • Minoden Dual Tachi

Lore Notes:

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  • Although there are no Kodama to find, any Kodama that have been found in this region will still be around to give their blessing.

Death to Bandits

You'll begin this mission on the beach where Mission 2 ended, except now the town (and boat) are no longer in fire, but swarming with human enemies. A Shrine now stands at the entrance to the village, and behind you lies the boat (with no boss) but a single outlaw next to corpse holding a Horoku-dama. You can also check the mysterious cave off to the side where you'll find a Yoki hiding in his Yokai Realm.

The rest of the beachside has a few Outlaws patrolling - and many can be picked off with some ranged attacks. Clear them out, and you'll find a corpse between the two huts holding Footsoldier Armor Kote and a Wooden Hammer. If you take the road going up on the left, you'll find the gate is sealed, but you can continue on the path to drop into the village from above near a corpse holding a Bandit Axe. Otherwise, head through the main entrance to the village.

The main entrance from the beach appears deserted, and you can check a house on the right for a body holding a Stone and Spirit Stone. If you take a right at the crossroads, you can loop around the building to find an alley with a body at the far end with a Water Amulet - but wait, looking at the rooftops, an Outlaw is perched above waiting to strike - hit him first.

Back at the main crossroads, looking up the main road you can spot a Rogue patrolling with two more Outlaws up ahead, and more on the roof. Instead of walking into that deathtrap, take a left and climb up the watchtower to get rid of a lone outlaw, and check a nearby corpse for a Kayaku-dama. From up here, you can take out the archer on the rooftops, and get the drop on the crew below. Note that the path leading to the right is blocked by debris, but there is an outlaw stooping over a corpse behind a house that holds a Yokai Water Pot and Salt.

In the next area of the village, you can spot a Rogue waiting up the path, and going right leads to an Outlaw patrolling a well. There's also an alley here leading to a corpse with a Whetstone where another outlaw seeks to ambush you, but you can go around the side to get the drop on him. Going around the house with the well, you can find another corpse by some debris that holds a Bizen-den Tachi.

Clear out the Rogue on the main path, and head up the slope to the gate that you can't unlock, and go right up the path towards the Manor. Watch out for the Rogue up here, and note you can drop back down onto the roofs of the buildings to grab a corpse holding Rifle Ammunition.

Inside the Manor, there's an outlaw patrolling the grounds while a Rogue sits off to the left. Inside the main house, two more guards are sitting around a large chest - toss a grenade or ranged attack to get their attention then finish them off outside. Loot the chest for a Jumonji Spear, Sacred Brush, and Rogue Armor Hizayoroi.

Leaving the manor, be sure to check the canyon on the right for a Rogue pilfering a corpse that holds Rogue Armor Do and Ronin Armor Mengu. Over on the left side of the manor is a small clearing with a corpse holding a Sacred Brush.

Leaving the Manor out the other side, you can look down the sloping paths to spot several patrolling Outlaws. If you'd rather not risk the attacks, you can always drop down the slopes on the left to the roof of the house. Otherwise, clear out the enemies and head down to the row of houses. One house has a corpse inside with a Travel Amulet - but an Outlaw waits inside as well to ambush you.

Heading down the path, there are more Outlaws wandering up and down, and your main target lies inside the house up on the left. Outside lurks a Rogue with an axe - lure him away from the house, then take a peek inside to spot the Outlaw Leader sitting down next to another guard. Snipe his friend and take the fight outside. The Outlaw Leader fights much like a Rogue, but has a high health pool and can deal a lot of damage fast with his sword. He still acts like any other human, meaning you can dodge away from his combo strings and retaliate, or block to put him off-balance before striking back. If you can drain his Ki, run up and Grapple before he can regenerate to capitalize on your damage output.






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