Stat Breakdown
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
 110 13 6 19 13
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
6 99 10 15 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Dexterity Stealth Ninja
  • Build Level: All 
  • Build Focus: PvE or PVP
  • Build Main Stat: Dexterity

 Stat Explination

  • 13 Body and 13 Strength are needed to use The Crossed Sickle set, The crafted version only requires 6 but the varients that drop require the full 13 points.
  • 19 Stamina puts your equipment load at 69.5% with the full set while also giving a good chunk of HP. 
  • 15 Spirit is all that is needed to benifit from the passives of Aya-komori and  the rest of the points placed into dexterity are for Ninjitsu and damage output.

The major portion of the build is designed to be use against human bosses, this is were I think the Kusari-gama shines.  This build will effortlessly oneshot any revenant with the main combo in High stance: Serpent Strike  ->  Foot Sweep ->  Ki Pulse: Heaven -> Final Blow.  It also has incredible elemental status application rate with a Low stance quick attack combo. 

Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon:  Kusari-gama/Atagi Sadamune
  • Ranged Weapon: Hand Cannon / Bow or Matchlock - One hand cannon is preferable due to +% Fire damage being applied to everything. 
  • Head: Sanada Crimson: Kabuto - Use one piece of  The Red of Devotion if you can, It doesn't need to be head. 
  • Chest: Kingo's Kote
  • Hands: Kingo's Hizayoroi
  • Legs: Kingo's Suneate
  • Accessories: Yasakani Magatama / Preference
  • Items: Catwalking Scrolls, Quick Change ScrollsSuppa Scrolls,

The Crossed sickles  set bonus is overwhelming useful for this play style and pairs equally well by design with Aya-Komori

2 Pieces: Damage Reduction: 1.5%, Final Blow Damage +15%
4 Pieces: Close Combat Damage +7.1%, Increase Attack and Defend (Aya-komori) +10
5 Pieces: Damage From Behind +20%
6 Pieces: Close Combat Damage +7.1%

This set becomes craftable in the Chugkuo region (3rd area) by completing the mission to obtain Aya-komori The Conspirators (recommended level 45)

It should be noted that Yasakani Magatama will allow for bonus use of sets such as Warrior of the West's HonorHead of the Iga Ninja  The Red of DevotionE.c.t You can pick up the two set bonus for 1 weapon, or 1 armor slot.  Half-splashing with Warrior of the West's Honor doesn't improve the build much, Head of the Iga Ninja for a Kusariguma just provides ninjitsu regeneration but The Red of the Devotion is pure bonus power.


Spirit Gaurdian


  • Unlimited Ninjutsu  +15%
  • vs. Paralysis +20
  • Damage From Behind +12%
  • Life Recovery By Killing Strike 120
  • Agility Damage Bonus A

Aya-komori's kit is the most useful assassin play-style in due to the 12% bonus damage from behind,  for both stealth and general combat.  Something that many people fail to notice is that bonus behind damage also applies grounded targets, in other words targets in the position for final blow.  Effectively Stacking both easily can hit late game for 10k + with just Hi-stance Ki Pulse. 




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    • Anonymous

      This build is indeed very good on NG, it absolutely melts bosses in mid-game (also monster bosses, like Ogress, Giant Toad), not only Humanoid Bosses. Eariy game is difficult, until you get the set and can reforge some good traits. I can also recommend crafting a Custom Kusarigama with the set. With proper stats it will last at least until mid-game (lvl 80+) easily. I have a question though, why should I use a piece of "The Red of Devotion" set? Is it because of the Special Magatama, which apparently reduces the amount of set pieces required for set bonuses? I thought you'd still have to equip at least two pieces of a set for bonuses.

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