Divine Items

Divine is the highest rarity tier for equipment in Nioh, higher than Exotic. Divine items are color-coded green, and only begin dropping after completing the mission The Demon King Revealed. They can be obtained in New Game Plus on the Way of the Strong difficulty or Way of the Samurai.

Divine items have several advantages over other rarity tiers:

  • They roll with more properties than lower-tiered equipment.
  • They allow for an additional tier of familiarity over One of a Kind items (999 instead of 900) allowing for special effects to be higher on these items.
  • Divine armor gains a familiarity bar, and can possess inheritable properties (transferrable via soul matching).
  • Divine Items sell for a significantly higher price than other rarities and notable sell for higher price then items aquired disassembling them.

4) Divine weapons and armor can be leveled beyond the normal equipment level cap of 150. These levels will appear as Lv. 150 (+1), Lv. 150 (+2), etc., up to a maximum of Lv. 150 (+10). Each of these levels has a greater effect on equipment effectiveness than normal levels. Also, unlike normal , these Divine equipment levels can only be gained one at a time. E.g., soul matching a Lv. 150 divine weapon with a Lv. 150 (+2) divine weapon will NOT result in a Lv. 150 (+2) weapon, but only a Lv. 150 (+1) weapon. Note further that two pieces of equipment at the same "+" level can be combined to create one of the next highest level, e.g. 1+1=2, 2+2=3, 3+3=4, etc. "+" equipment will drop naturally up to +6 (+6 drops are extremely rare, but +4 and +5 drops can commonly be had on NG+ missions that are ~lvl 300). After this, you will need to begin matching multiple junk divines together to level higher. E.g., your equipped weapon is already at +7; match two "junk" +6's together to make another +7, then soul match this new +7 with your equipped +7 weapon to raise it to +8.

Although divine equipment can be gained as random drops or Way of the Strong mission rewards, it is most easily gained by fighting revenants, since most players will have a full set of divine equipment in the post-game (note, however, that divine equipment dropped by revenants will never have "+" levels). "The Bridge of Bone" mission in the Chugoku Region is a particularly good place to farm divine gear; simply clear the first three waves of Yokai, then begin farming revenants. When you run out of revenants to fight, rest at the Shrine and begin again. Do not advance to the fourth wave of Yokai until you are ready to stop farming, as this will end the mission.


  • Divine Items can drop at any item level.
  • Divine equipment can be forged by using Divine Fragments, which are acquired by disassembling other divine items.
  • You may optionally elect to use Divine Fragments when reforging divine items, which increases the chance of rolling rare properties. Reforging with Divine Fragments also requires additional gold.
  • When beginning a mission after completeing the mission Demon King Revealed, you may elect to use up to ten ochoko cups to increase the divine item drop rate (up to 10%). However, divine items will still drop even if you do not use any ochoko cups.

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    • Anonymous

      Select a mission -> Push X button (Begin Mission) -> Use D-pad (up/down) to set the number of ochoko cups to use -> Push X button again to start mission

      • Anonymous

        Which buttons do I press to use ochoko cups to increase divine item drop rate?
        Because I don't really know.

        • Anonymous

          Incorrect that items droppped by revenants will never have +1; I can confirm that I have obtained multiple +1 and a single +2 divine items off of revenants. However, the drop rate for +1 seems to be extremely low and the drop rate for +2 (and theoretically beyond) is abysmal (three +1 and one +2 in approx. 220 kills exclusively of revenants wearing full divine gear).

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