Falling Snow is a Main Mission in Nioh.  


 General Information

  • Previous: Spider Nest Castle
  • Next: The Demon of Mount Hiei
  • Region: Kinki
  • Recommended Levels: 
    • Way of the Samurai: 55
    • Way of the Strong: 190
  • Bosses: Yuki-onna
  • Rewards:
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: ---
      • Subsequent Plays: ---.
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: Crescent Jumonji Spear (Divine), SPEAR (Divine or Below), Torso Protection: Light (Divine), Summoner's Candle x1
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
  • Gold: 
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: 12050
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 39050
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
  • Amrita: 
    • Way of the Samurai
      • First Time: 7200
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
    • Way of the Strong
      • First Time: 215576
      • Subsequent Plays: ---
  • Kodama: 8
  • Shrines: 3


Falling Snow Map


 NPCs in the area

  • None




  • Consumables
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Weapons
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Armor
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?
  • Smithing Materials
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
    • 00x ??
  • Keys & Other
    • ?
    • ?
    • ?



  • Dweller
  • Skeleton Warrior
  • Amrita Fiend (Water)
  • Onyudo (Water)
  • Snowclops
  • Oni-bi (Fire) (Water)
  • Kappa
  • Mujina
  • Yoki
  • One-Eyed Imp
  • Nurikabe
  • Flying Bolt


 Lore Notes:

  1. She may also go by such names as yuki-musume ("snow daughter"), yuki-onago ("snow girl"), yukijorō (雪女郎, "snow woman"), yuki anesa ("snow sis'"), yuki-onba ("snow granny" or "snow nanny"), yukinba ("snow hag") in Ehime, yukifuri-baba ("snowfall hag") in Nagano. They are also called several names that are related to icicles, such as tsurara-onna, kanekori-musume, and shigama-nyōbō.
  2. Yuki-onna originates from folklores of olden times; in the Muromachi period Sōgi Shokoku Monogatari by the renga poet Sōgi, there is a statement on how he saw a yuki-onna when he was staying in Echigo Province (now Niigata Prefecture), indicating that the legends already existed in the Muromachi period.
  3. There are several variations of Yuki-onna throughout Japan, through which one can fill a whole book only about this yokai. Some notable of them are: Water Beggars, The Moon Princess, The Snow Vampire and The Talking Snow Women



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  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

"How strange to see snow falling in June... We must do something before the capital completely freezes over. The cold is comming from Honnoji Temple. The rumor has it that a woman's cries echo from the structure evey night. Will you look into it, William?" - Hattori Hanzo


Falling Snow Walkthrough


A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses goes here. You can add links, images. and other details.  Click here to go to the Speedrun Walkthrough.

After discovering the Hidden Teahouse you will now be transported to the snowy Honnoji Temple. When you spawn in to the left you will find a corpse with Salt x1 and a Shrine. If you proceed to the right you will see an enemy patrolling in front of a crystal cluster.  Interacting with the crystal cluster will trigger some info about tracing its origin. Continue on and find a corpse at the end of the dead end on the left with Arrow x2 and Hamaya Arrow x1. Continue on to take out a flaming archer standing near a lantern and another sword enemy who will attack you from within the structure. Just inside where the sword enemy attacked you will find a corpse along the wall with Hooked Kusarigama.

Head inside the structure to take out the enemy and loot the small chest in here for Horoku-dama x1. You can go up the snow ramp to get to the roof. If you go around the roof you will find a corpse Rifle Ammunition x3. Make your way around to the ladder and take it down and defeat the enemy at the bottom. Make your way ahead to find a closed double door to a house. Take the path to the right and find a corpse with Spirit Stone x2 and another just beyond it. 2 blue floating heads will emerge and attack. Defeat them and ahead you will reveal one of the long tongue yokai. 

Defeat it and take your next right down a path to find a Shrine at the end. Make your way back opposite the Shrine to find a Kodama by a destroyed hut. Continue ahead to the area with the well. You can attack the well to drop the stone and raise the bucket to obtain Spirit Stone x1. Ahead is a set of double doors that cannot be opened right now. From the well head left to find an archer enemy, but don't go too commando as an oni yokai is lurking to the right behind the snow bank. Take out the archer from range if possible and proceed to engage the yokai. This one has ice crystals coming from it and wields a large axe. He takes a lot of damage so don't get caught spamming attacks. Conserve you ki and stay back when he attacks.

Defeat the yokai and proceed. To the left by the crystal cluster, you'll find a floating demon head and a corpse with Fire Amulet x2.

Proceed ahead to see a group of butterflies floating. Kill them to trigger a bit of conversation and now the cyrstal clusters you have been seeing can now be attacked and destroyed. Return to the last crystal cluster you encountered and destory it and walk through to come to the back of a yokai. Kill it and loot the body here for Uchiko Powder x1 and Whetstone x1.

Proceed forward and stay to the left to unlock the double door shortcut to the earlier part of this mission. Down the other path you will face an oni yokai. Continue down the path and head left down the lit path fo face a floating female figure who will float straight up and do an aerial drop attack. Avoid the drop attack and land hits to her side and rear. Defeat her and head around the path to the right where you will find a standard enemy and a Kodama in the white foliage on the path. Come back down the path and head right to find an enemy standing by a ladder. Defeat it and take the ladder to the roof and head around to find a corpse with Rifle Ammunition x3. If you drop down from here to the ground an ice crystal yokai will attack you from inside the house. To the left you will find another gathering of butterflies. Defeat them and enter the house to loot the large chest in there. There is a snowy path leading from the house that you can take out to come to a corpse on a ledge. Loot the corpse for Tokiwa Hand Cannon and Hand Cannon Ammunition x5. 

Head back down the path and return to the area you came from (near where you unlocked the double door shortcut). Next to where you fought the oni there is a structure you can enter. Do so and you will find an eyeball yokai in this room. Be careful to not reveal the yokai mist ahead either. Try and snipe the eyeball yokai and kill it before it can transform into something deadlier and bigger. Then reveal the yokai from the mist, a lightning infused cyclops who packs a hefty punch. Stay clear of its forward attacks and attack it to its side and rear. When it does its forward slam attack, it's a good time to land some hits while it's prone. Defeat it and head outside and around the corner to the left to loot a corpse of Brute's Axe and Young Samurai's Locks x1. There is a large chest in the is area and if you head to the far corner, just behind the wodden fencing you will find a Kodama. You're done in this area so take the path back the original way you came and keep staying to the left. Eventually you'll come to a ladder up a house. Take it up to the roof and stay to the right to walk along a snow ledge to find a corpse with Arrow x3.

You can now make your way back and destroy the crystal clusters in the earlier parts of the mission. Make your way back to the starting area shrine and destroy that first crystal cluster and proceed into the house and step out. Head to the right down the snow tunnel and take out the enemy that will attack you from the left. At the end of this path find a corpse with Antidote x2 and Himorogi Branch x1. Continue around to come to a ladder you can take to a roof which will let you see and drop down to several of the different portions of this mission.

You can drop down to the ground where an ice crystal yokai fiend is. Try and time the fall for a leaping strike. This guy can also toss a frost projectile at you. There is also an archer by the lantern here to defeat. There is a frost butterfly group near here to kill. There is a double door barred with a board you can unlock a shortcut. Head down the alley to the right of the house and destroy the crates to find a large chest with Foreigner's Suneate and Foreigner's Kote.

Head inside the house through the broken wall to find a shadow realm yokai (long tongue) and a spear wieding soldier. You can loot the corpses in here for Sakai Rifle, Rifle Ammunition x10, Yokai Incense x1, and Sacred Ash x1.

Destroy the crystal cluster and step through, head left towards the lantern and destroy the broken wall to find a floating female spectre inside the house. Defeat her and loot the corpse for Horoku-dama x1. Proceed to the next walkway and defeat the spear enemy. Step out the broken walkway to the right and open the guilded double doors. Before you walk in though, continue up the walkway and destroy the broken door and enter the room. To your right you'll find a fake wall yokai. Try one of the blue Gestures to appease it, otherwise it will attack. Defeat it and head out the house and take the path to the left around to find a Hot Spring.

Exit the hot spring and take the path to the left to come to an opening with a floating spectre and a fiend yokai. Your best bet is to lure one and take it out first and then engage the other. Head right to come to a double door you can unlock for a shortcut. Go straight and around the fence to come to a dead end path with frost butterflies. Kill them and head back the way you came and and if you go left it will bring you to the double doors you unlocked from the walkway. To your right will be a crystal cluster. 

Destroy the crystal cluster and to the left you can loot a corpse for ??. Go up the steps and open the double doors to take your next challenge.


Boss Fight: Yuki-Onna

Defeat her and watch the cutscene. You will obtain the Usura-hicho Guardian Spirit. The main story continues in The Demon of Mount Hiei.


Falling Snow Kodama Locations



Speed Run Walkthrough


A fast walkthrough of how to get to the end of the level the fastest, picking up only essential items goes here.


"I've never been so glad to see sunlight. Kyoto should soon thaw out from this frost, thanks to you. I still find hard to believe that the Yuki-Onna was actually Lady No, Lord Nobunaga's wife... Never a dull moment with you around, is there? Master Tenkai is a close friend of Lord Ieyasu. We should take his advice and head for Mount Hiei." - Hattori Hanzo


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