Fire is a Status Effect in Nioh.


Fire Information

  • Causes damage over time
  • Duration can be reduced by performing a dodge


Items That Inflict Fire

  • Kayaku-dama/Horoku-dama

  • Onmyo Magic
    Fire Talisman, Fireshot Talisman

  • Guardian Spirit Talisman
    (With Fire spirit)

  • Moment Talisman
    (With Fire Spirit)

  • Hand Cannon/Explosive Rounds

Enemies/Bosses Weak To Fire

  • Umi-Bozu
  • Yuki-onna


Guardian Spirits

  • Kato
  • Hi-Nezumi
  • Enko
  • Suzaku

Tips & Notes

  • Fire is a flat damage over time and affects almost every enemy. It is a counter to Water and is applied almost instantly to Water enemies, also lasting much longer. The duration of the effect is reduced eveery time the affected enemy performs a dodge. Enemies that cannot dodge are therefore more vulnerable to the damage over time effect.

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    • Anonymous

      08 Feb 2020 19:55  

      Scorched is not fire damage. You can have 100% elemental damage resistance and not only will fire damage still build up, the dot from scorched will still deal dqmage to you.

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