Flowing Shadow

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type

Flowing Shadow is a Sword Skill in Nioh


Flowing Shadow Description

  • Perform three rapid attacks while circling around the enemy.



Flowing Shadow Command

  • L1 + Triangle




  • Quite good
  • Useful attack for both DPS and evasion. With slower-hitting enemies, it is entirely possible to time the attack in a way that you dodge their attack(s) while simultaneously doing heavy damage to them (i.e. Onryoki can be defeated almost only by spamming this attack one after the other)
  • Its multiple slashes make it ideal to apply any elemental debuff on the enemies (e.g. poison, wet/muddied effect, etc.)
  • One of the best alternatives to Water Sword in the Dual Katanas skill tree because of its high damage and dodging movement, as it does not require you to remain stationary.
  • Paired with any "-X% Skill Ki consumption" and/or "+X% Skill (Ki/Regular) damage" buff from equipment, this skill is able to decimate even bosses with ease. Spam for days.



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