Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro

Heart Change C+ Strength Change D+
Skill Change B+ Attack Multiplier  603
Break 52 Parry 58

Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro is a Weapon in Nioh.



"A famous set of long and short katana, heirlooms of the Ashikaga Shogunate and said to be the favorite swords of Matsunaga Hisahide, who assassinated Ashikaga Yoshiteru. Fudo Kuniyuki, the longer of the two, was forged by Kuniyuki, who typified the Rai style, and bears a relief of the Buddhist god Acala, called Fudo Myo in Japan. The shorter sword, Yagen Toshiro, was forged in the Awataguchi style by Toshiro Yoshimitsu. Once upon a time, a certain daimyo hurled the sword away after giving up a suicide attempt. The blade pierced an apothecary's metal mortar ("yagen"), from whence the name originates. It is adorned with designs and a handguard that depicts Itokuri, Hisahide's arachnid Guardian Spirit."


Possible Status Effects

  • ⊗ Fire  +[4-10]
  • Slot 1 [ Common ]
  • Slot 2 [ Uncommon ]
  • Slot 3 [ Rare ]
  • Slot 4 [ Exotic ]
  • Slot 5 [ Divine ]
  • Slot 6 [ Inherited ] (Unless any above slot is already inherited)

See Reforging page for a list of possible mods!


Location/Where to Find

  • Sold by 
  • Found in the Sub Mission "The Disappearing Ranjatai" in the Kinki region (Reward  for completing the mission)
  • Dropped by ??



  • Example Note


Fudo Kuniyuki & Yagen Toshiro Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier by Quality
  White Yellow Blue Purple Green
Level 1 ??        
Level 2 ??        
Level 3 ??        
Level 4 ??        
Level 5 ??        







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