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Furuta is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Furuta clan came from the nobility of Mino province (present-day Southern Gifu prefecture). Famous members include Yoshida Shigesada, known as Kan'ami, and his son Shigenari, also known as Oribe.

Shigesada and Oribe attended tea ceremonies held by Sen no Rikyu. While still serving in Toyotomi Hideyoshi's forces, Oribe developed his art to such daring heights that he became known as the greatest master of tea alive.

The family crest, "Maru-ni-jigami", is a piece of fan paper in a circle, often seen among families descended from the Fujiwara clan. It is particularly appropriate for the Furuta clan, since a fan was something a true master of the tea ceremony must never be without.

Crest Protection

  • Luck: +40
  • Silver Tongue: +10%

Special Reward

Daily Reward

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