Futatsu-mei Norimune & Hone-bami Toshiro
Heart Change C+ Strength Change D+
Skill Change B+ Familiarity -
Break 51 Parry 61

Futatsu-mei Norimune & Hone-bami Toshiro is a pair of Dual Swords in Nioh.


Futatsu-mei Norimune & Hone-bami Toshiro Description

"A famous set of long and short swords once worn by Ashikaga Takauji. They were considered treasures, and were passed down through the Ashikaga Shougunate to Ashikaha Yoshiteru. The larger sword, Futatsu-mei, is a tachi forged in the Ichimonji style by Norimune of Bizen province. The name means "two inscriptions," but the reason for this is unknown. It is also called "Kotake-giri," or "Bamboo Cutter." The ornate decorations were applied in the Sasmaru style, also known as the Shino style. The shorter sword, Hone-bami Toshiro, was forged in the Awataguchi province. It was made from a shortened naginata ("pole-sword"), and practice swings with this sword are said to crush bones, earning it the name "Bone Feaster" (hone-bami)."

Permanent Special Effects

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