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Gamo is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Gamo clan served both the Oda and Toyotomi clans before eventually settling down in the land of Aizu in Oshu (present-day western Fukui prefecture). Their best-known leader was Oda Nobunaga's son-in-law, Gamo Ujisato.

Originally a retainer of the Rokkaku clan in Omi (Shiga prefecture), Ujisato went on to serve Nobunaga, where he developed into a fine officer, and was eventually put in charge of a district in Aizu after helping Toyotomi Hideyoshi unite the land. He changed the name of his castle town to Wakamatsu and worked to develop it, all while keeping an eye on Date Masamune and the other warlords of Oshu in a display of both his political and military acumen. The clan faded in prominence once Ujisato died of illness, and their territory in Aizu fell into the hands of the Uesugi clan.

The family crest, "Gamo-tsugaitsuru", consists of a male and female crane facing each other, symbolising long life and prosperity for one's descendants—a somewhat ironic symbol given that Ujisato died relatively young of illness.

Crest Protection

  • Luck +40
  • Increased Damage (Consecutive Attacks): D-

Special Reward

  • Conditions: Donate Equipment with Luck Bonus
  • Reward: Gold

Daily Reward

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