Guardian Spirit Protection

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30 Req
Spirit Protection 30% 33% ? req
Dash Speed Reduction 30% 30% ? req
No Guard Break - - 15 req
Change to Defense (Magic) B+ A 17 req
Received Elemental Attack Damage 7.5% 10% 20 req
Onmyo Magic Power +75 +100 22 req

Living Weapon

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30  
ATK Enhance 5% 6%  
Element 42 62  
Duration 17.6 19.1  
Might 3000 3000  
Action B+ A-  
Recovery B B+  
Tenacity C- C  
Amrita Gauge Rate D- D-  

Genbu is the Guardian Spirit of Tenkai.
Guardian Spirits can be chosen to provide the player with certain benefits.
Activate Living Weapon by pressing + when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Genbu Information

"A cross between a turtle and a serpent, Genbu has been worshipped since ancient times as guardian of the north and the symbol of water. The dual nature of its intertwined snake and turtle bodies have also made it a symbol of ying and yang, and indeed, its ties to Onmyo magic are deep. Highly skilled Onmyo mages venerate Genbu as their guardian spirit, and have mastered the many powers of water in order to extinguish fire, wich they see as an agent of chaos."


How to Obtain



Genbu Strategies and Notes

  • The Guardian Spirit Talisman effect involves Genbu creating a large, water based splash attack at mid range.
  • Genbu is a very Magic oriented Guardian Spirit, and offers considerable defenses, but at the cost of speed.
  • ??










Table Key

Might Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge decreases if you are hit while using the Living Weapon.
Action Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge is reduced when you consume Ki while using the Living Weapon. The higher it is, the more you can use it.
Recovery Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge recovers when you absorb Amrita while using a Living Weapon.
Tenacity The effectiveness of a Living Weapon that is active when your Life is under a certain level.
Amrita Gauge Rate The rate at which you gain Amrita. The higher it is, the qicker the gauge fills. When the Amrita gauge hits maximum, you can invoke a Living Weapon.

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