Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
166 9 99 26 9
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
5 5 30 25 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Gogandantess
  • Build Level: 166
  • Build Focus: PvE
  • Build Main Stat: Heart


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon 1: Ishida Masamune
  • Melee Weapon 2: Nami-oyogi Kanemitsu
  • Ranged Weapon 1: Warrior of the West Bow
  • Ranged Weapon 2: Whatever
  • Head: Gallantry Armor: Kabuto
  • Chest: Warrior of the West: Do
  • Hands: Gallantry Armor: Kote
  • Legs: Gallantry Armor: Hyzayoroi
  • Feet: Warrior of the West: Suneate
  • Accessories: Yasakani Magatama
  • Items: Wind/Water/Lightning Shots, Extraction Talisman, Power Pill, Sloth, Weakness and Lightning Talisman.


Build Strategy

Start in the High Stance by casting extraction for the guardian spirit attack bonus, any weapon talisman and the Power Pills. Then, engage the boss and optionally inflict sloth on him, then weakness, and fire 2 or 3 of each Lightning and Wind Shots until he gets inflicted by both debuffs, which will cause confusion on him and allow you to get those 32% bonus attack from each one.

Then, go for a Night Rain backstab to 1 hit stuff.

If a boss is resistant to any of your Lightning or Wind debuffs like this frog here, just replace the one they resist to with water. It should give you similar results.

For more info look for "Nioh (v1.06+): The Strongest Sword Build, Gogandantess!" on youtube. The channel is called "The Wild Wolf!".


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