Hand Cannon

hand cannon
Stamina Change B+ Skill Change C+
Dexterity Change D+ Attack Multiplier 647
Break 120 Parry 0
Heart ? Skill ?

Hand Cannon is a Weapon in Nioh.


Hand Cannon Description

"A portable cannon. The most powerful firearm in existence. Only the most experienced shooters are capable of handling it."


Possible Status Effects

  • Break (+)
  • Human Item Drop Rate (+%)


Location/Where to Find



  • Example Note



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Hand Cannon Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier
Level 1 ??
Level 2 ??
Level 3 ??
Level 4 ??
Level 5 ??



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    • Anonymous

      Cannons can produce some nice passive benefits of they are EQUIPPED (seen in the ranged weapon slot while fighting). I rolled an A+ agility bonus (I'm under 30%) with a 24% fire dmg increase (I've got some fire dual katanas). With carnage talisman it raises my Windstorm attack by about 1000 and doubles my fire dmg. I believe that the cannons are the only ranged weapons that can have fire %increase. I tested it many times and this is what I arrived at. Try it out. Cheers!

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