Hattori Hanzo

Hattori Hanzo
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Hattori Hanzo is an NPC in Nioh.


Hattori Hanzo Information


Hattori Hanzo is an NPC in Nioh. His real name is Hattori Masanari, and he is the son of the famous Hattori Hanzo, a ninja of the Sengoku era credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and then helping him to become the ruler of united Japan. Masanari took the name Hanzo when he succeeded his father as head of the Iga ninja after his father's death in 1596.

Historically, Masanari wasn't as capable a leader as he was a warrior, and this led to him losing his position as Captain of Tokugawa's guard. In order to repair the Hattori name and his reputation, Masanari valiantly fought during the Siege of Osaka in 1614-1615 as head of 60 Iga ninja. He was cut down in the process of the second siege of Osaka, and was succeeded by his brother Hattori Masashige.


Hattori Hanzo Location

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Hattori Hanzo Dialogue

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Hattori Hanzo Notes

  • Can be Transformed into for 1300 glory.


Hattori Hanzo Lore & History

Hattori Hanzo is a ninja in the service of Tokugawa leyasu. His real name is Masanari. "Hanzo" is a name inherited by each successive head of the ninja clan in Iga province (present—day western Mie prefecture). Although his father was known as "Hanzo the Oni," the current Hanzo has more of his father's skill as a ninja than his prowess as a military commander. He is a master of intelligence, concealment, and sabotage, and leads an army of several hundred ninja who lurk in the shadows waiting to carry out secret orders from their lord. As one of the few people in Japan with knowledge of foreign languages, Hanzo also guides the newly arrived William in his search for Kelley.

Hanzo sees ninja potential in William and teaches him the basics of ninjutsu. William's years as a pirate left him with highly developed survival skills, and his willingness to use any means to accomplish his ends is another ninja—like trait.

Hanzo keeps a cat inside his garments and uses it instead of a clock, checking the time by closely examining the dilation of the cat's pupils. In fact, this cat is possessed by a Nekomata, an exceptionally long—lived Guardian Spirit, but as Hanzo cannot see spirits he does not realize this.

The current Hattori Hanzo is the third to serve the Tokugawa clan. His father was accomplished not only as a ninja but also as a general, known as "Hanzo the Oni" for his ferocity. Oni or not, however, he recognized that while the Tokugawa clan had many fearless generals on its side, it was lacking in operatives who could support it from the shadows. As a result, he began training his son stringently in the ways of ninjutsu from a young age, so that he could grow up to meet this need.




    • Anonymous

      28 Jun 2019 04:29  

      I know this is old, and no one will see this most likely, but I would actually say it's fairly safe to assume that this Hattori Hanzo is the original, not his son (correction by the way, they both had the name Masanari). The reason I would say this is because this Hanzo appears to be much older, whereas his son during this period was in his early 30s. It is worth noting that one of the main reasons I subscribe to this theory is that Edward Kelley, the alchemist, is also historically dead before the 1600s. Either way, it's impossible to know for sure due to the game essentially taking place in an alternate timeline.

      • 16 Feb 2017 13:08  

        "Historically, he was a famous ninja of the Sengoku era, credited with saving the life of Tokugawa Ieyasu and then helping him to become the ruler of united Japan."

        This is wrong. The one this is referring to is the original Hattori Hanzo who died in 1596. The Hattori Hanzo in the game is actually Hattori Masanari, the first son of Hanzo, who gained the name when he succeeded his father as the head of the Iga ninja.

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