Heaven and Earth

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Ki Pulse: Heaven

Heaven and Earth is an Axe Skill in Nioh


Heaven and Earth Description

  • High stance only. Follow a combo with a jumping slice that knocks the enemy into the air then slams them back down to earth.



Heaven and Earth Command

  •  mid combo




  • Works as a combo extender, light attack x2 + heaven & earth. This does high damage, and ki damage, and breaks guards
  • Range is pretty low overall, and the second hit sometimes misses
  • Pretty slow, can be risky to use
  • Costs a lot of ki to use
  • Can be useful on a stunned yokai if you are going for the kill, and you don't mind running out of ki
  • Can be used for guard breaking, but there are more ki-efficient alternatives





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