General Info
HP Amrita First Encounter
?? ?? Deep in the Shadows
Weak Resistant Immune
Lightning Wind Paralysis N/A

Hino-Enma (飛縁魔 ) is a Boss in Nioh. This is the third Boss that players will encounter. The player will have to face this yokai in order to proceed with the game.


Hino-Enma is a beautiful but deadly yokai that lures men to their demise. Slender, agile and sensual, her attacks are as accurate as they are swift and deadly. Without missing a step on her high shoes and fashionable umbrella, she may paralyze those looking upon her to drain their life force.


Pronounced "HEE no En mah'". A yokai taking the form of a young woman. Deceives humans and drinks their blood. The name HinoEnma literally means "flying bad luck," and she is believed to cause all manner of troubles and misfortunes. She is believed to have been born from the angry soul of an innocent woman senselessly struck down in the heat of a battle.

Drinking the blood of men to replenish her life force and beauty, she hides her aggression - and insanity. Her malevolence is well known enough that her name has been used as an idiom for misconduct since times of old. Obsession is a cruel mistress.

Enchants men to immobilize them, then sucks their blood and Ki life-force. The insidious part is that your mind may remain clear while your body freezes like a stone. When you face the HinoEnma, make sure to carry effective measures for paralysis.

These types of humanoid creatures  show relations to that of Vampires (Vampir to German/French mythology), who also feast on blood, fly like a Bat, and posses dark powers.



  • Kyushu Region, Main Mission "Deep in the Shadows" Level 12 - Fought at the bottom of the cave.
    • Note at basal area prior to the boss area the Paralysis Omamori Charm (Exotic) can be found in a chest down a corridor near the  One-Eyed Oni (cyclops) enemies. The charm affords enough paralysis resistance to not be one-hit paralyzed by Hino-Enma's paralysis wave attack. 
  • Sekigahara Region, Sub Mission "The Silent Crow" Level 92 - End of the mission.
  • Omi Region Main Mission "The Demon King Revealed" Level 135 - Part of the quartet of Bosses that need to be fought to unlock the elevator.
  • Omi Region Sub Mission "Hyakki Yagyo" Level 155 - Fought right after Joro-Gumo as part of a quartet of bosses.


Possible Drops


Combat Information

  • Health: ??
  • Ki: ??
  • Hino-Enma drops to the ground when she is out of ki. She can be hit with a final blow in this state but watch out for her grab!
  • Twilight: Y/N, different attacks?
  • Daiba-Washi is helpful in this fight,  can knock the boss down for some free hits.



Video Strategy


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Strategy 1 (Melee)

She has 2 kinds of ranged attacks: projectile attacks with either spikes or a blast of wind, or a dash to you that slams you. Up close she has a combo attack, and landing hits builds your paralysis meter. Her ranged wind attack will paralyze you leaving you open for a one hit kill. It's important to dodge to the side when she initiates it. Ideally you want to stay relatively close to her, dodging away from her when she attacks. When she fails to land her combo, she is open for several hits. You may consider using the spear in this case for its increased range. Dodge away and wait for her to miss another combo, and close in to attack. Keep repeating this process. The key with her is reacting quickly, she is quite fast so try and anticipate her movements.

You may also considering leaving her at range and letting her come at you with her rush attack. Use low stance to have the quickest dodge and avoid the move, and switch stances to attack her up close, strafing and dodging her combo and attacking everytime she misses. Don't get too close to let her get you, so try a spear here for its range.

Strategy 2 (Kusarigama)

This strategy is built around the same principle as the first strategy of using a spear for a little more range, but with a little more complexity and ki management. The kusarigama's high stance heavy attack is a long range attack where you throw the weighted end at the enemy. It has more range than any other melee weapon and does solid damage. As soon as you throw the attack out, drop into low stance and start dodging. Low stance dodging uses less ki and is faster, allowing you to hop away with little delay or windup between steps. There are some other variables that can speed up the fight, but this basic strategy will carry you through.

To begin the fight, she will do a charge attack directly at you. Dodge to the side and start swinging. Either just use high stance strong attack or high stance light attack if you are confident in your position. After a few hits or one throw attack, drop to low stance and dodge back. This fight doesn't really have phases, so you have to watch for basically all of her attacks. For her taijutsu or umbrella attacks, just dodge back and perform a high stance strong attack followed by more dodging. If she winds up for her whirlwind kicks, spam dodge back and outdistance it, or dodge through the attack and attack her from behind. Do not be afraid to just sprint away if she is spamming a certain attack to reset your positioning or to move away from a wall, just be wary of her paralyzing magic attack. She screams right before she does this attack, so just listen and be ready to dodge a few times.

Once she has been hit a few times, she will start using aerial attacks to. This isn't a phase as she may do it only once or multiple times. She will use one of three attacks in the air. She will either throw out needs in a fan or throw her paralyzing magic attack out. The magic attack has the same audio cue, but either attack should just be dodged using low stance dodging. Her final attack is a diving attack. If you are under her, she will slam into the ground. Just block through this one as the area is extremely difficult to dodge out of. If you are further away, she will drop down and do her diving attack. Just like at the beginning, if you can dodge so that you are close to her when she finishes the animation, high stance light attack will hit her multiple times.

The major variables for this attack are how many times you can get the multi-hit kusarigama attack on her and her grapple attack. When she tries to grapple you she just lunges forward. If she hits you it does quite a bit of damage and heals her. If she misses, she is vulnerable to a full high stance light attack combo. This is your best chance to stagger her to the ground. Once she is on the ground, only get one full combo in before backing up. If you are too close she will do a faster grapple attack that can catch you from the ground.

In the end, don't be greedy. You never have to use more than the longer range attack and dodging if you aren't confident in your dodge positioning after she attacks. A few anti-paralytic needles wouldn't hurt either.

Strategy 3 (Ki damage)

This strategy requires the sword with the sword ki skill (L1+triangle) unlocked. Stay mobile in your low stance to dodge the paralysis waves she shoots at you. You'll know they're coming by her grunts. The key to this strategy and using the sword ki skill every time after you dodge her attack. Stay just outside of her 2-3 hit combo. Use 1 ki attack at a time and do not be greedy. When her ki is sapped, she will yell and drop to the ground. Switch to high stance on your sword or switch to your other weapon and hit her twice. If you are close to her body, she will get up and try to grab you. Back off and attack her while she recovers from her grab. She will regain ki but be sure to purify the area quickly so that she doesn't fully regenerate it. Back off and switch back to low stance and repeat this until she is dead.

Ranged Techniques

During the Hino-Enma's aerial phase she is highly vulnerable to projectile weapons and will have her stamina heavily drained if she is hit. When she is in her aerial phase, use of Shuriken and kunai will causehuge stamina damage and cause her to plummet. Long-ranged weapons such as bows and rifles can also be used, but should only be utilized if the player is confident in their reflexes. Handcannons are not recommended due to their slow setup. Also note that Kayaku-dama and other bomb type weapons are also not usable for this strategy.


Shikin-gan pills ( ninjutsu ) , and anti-paralitic needles can remove paralysis. Considering that the pills cost a single ninja point, it is recommeded to learn them. Paralysis accessories also help.


Hino-Enma has two attack phases. In the first phase, she will use attacks except her aerial attacks. In the second Phase, she will fly into the air and use a set of aerial attacks before using one of two attacks to exit her aerial phase. She can re-enter her aerial phase at any time and doesn't use any of them for a set number of times or use patterns.

Paralysis Wave Purple wave that induces paralysis and cannot be blocked, leaving you "frozen" in place and vulnerable to her next attack. Hino-Enma will shout just before casting this attack. It can be easily avoided by dodging at the last second, right after she casts it.  She also uses this attack in the air phase.
Dive attack Diving attack performed to exit her aerial phase. The attack can be blocked but it drains a lot of your Ki, so it's best to avoid it. You should dodge to the sides, right after she gets closer to the ground. This attack can also be parried.
Shuriken Throw Attack used in the aerial phase. The safest way it's to block the attack, as it consumes little of your Ki and it's tricky to dodge.
Taijutsu combo Melee attack that goes from 2 to 3 hits, being the last hit a kick. She usually tries to bait you into attacking before she finishes the combo, leaving you vulnerable to her last hit. Wait for her to finish the combo before attacking.
Umbrella combo Similar to the previous attack.
Wingspin Spinning attack that creates a yokai realm. The attack consists of 3 spins and it can be blocked. However, it consumes a lot of your Ki, so it's best to mantain an ideal distance to her or sprint away, so you can avoid it.
Life Drain Draining attack that does moderate damage and recovers HP of the boss. The attack is initiated with a little sprint and grabbing motion and it's ALWAYS used after you exhaust all her Ki, so be careful to not stay too close to her. If she misses she will be left wide open to attacks.




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    • Anonymous

      Odach, mid stance, two hits when she misses fly dive or a combo all the way to end, kick combo has three hits, umbrella has 4, do one on her spinning wing attack. One attack on everything else. Her combos won't hit on the first attack because odachi hits from too far away, everything else is too slow to catch you off guard.

      Oh btw, go ham on her when she does the grab and finish the combo, and when you empty her stamina she *will* do the grab after getting up, allowing up to nine hits

      • Anonymous

        I beat this boss and honestly - this game is the most unbalanced nonsense I have ever seen. How is the second boss harder then the freakin Orphan of Kos?!!!

        • Anonymous

          Patience and low stance are your best friends here.
          Stay just outside melee to bait 3-hit kick combo & 3-hit umbrella combo then punish.
          Block the spin attack then ki pulse to clear yokai realm.
          Dash to dodge dive and aerial paralysis attack, sprint to dodge ground paralysis attack.

          • Anonymous

            Did her after 16 Tries or so with lvl 29. Wasnt that hard at all once ya understand her moves. like in the other souls games my poor Reflexes are worsen some stuff.

            • Anonymous

              As a guy who rarely plays controller video games and only picked this because it was free on epic

              This boss wasn't so hard, after the first death, I equipped 2 paralysis charms, used the odachi and then just kept distance. Waited for her to do the spin attack, couldn't reach me because of distance, if she shot i just rolled, the distance gave me plenty of time, and then bonked her once (high stance heavy,) and then ran away, just kept repeating that, When she flew up threw shurikens and kunai

              • Anonymous

                You can beat her with dual swords and elemental buffs easy if you just bait out her attacks then either buff or attack.

                • Anonymous

                  I was struggling with dual swords on this boss. Getting close enough to damage her would mean I'd get caught in her combos. If you're like me and can't be bothered to buff up and prepare for fights, do as I did.

                  I switched to a Kusarigama.

                  I kept moderate distance, and I didn't bother with switching stances. I used High stance the whole time. Shuriken/Kunai are useful, but not really mandatory, it'll just take a bit longer.

                  When she first charges you, and every time she charges you, roll back and to the side. You can either get 1-2 light hits in, or one heavy attack. 9/10 times I kept some space and used a single heavy attack. Make sure you get it out quickly as she recovers pretty fast sometimes.

                  I found it easiest to bait the scream. You need to be just out of combo range, but not far enough for her to sprint towards you or do a charging attack. It's easy to dodge, and you can get one heavy attack out before she recovers. DON'T go for light attacks after the scream. She'll likely combo you. Might take a few tries to get it down, but once you face the scream a few times it's super easy to dodge.

                  If she does either the umbrella or roundhouse combo, ONLY attack with a heavy strike if she does all 3 swings. If she only swings twice, you'll likely get punished going for the damage.

                  If she does the wing combo, I usually spammed dodge to the side/back. For me that was the hardest attack to read, which is why I always kept extra distance between us. It hits hard, and she gets her Ki back from the black circle thing (whatever it's called in the game). If she does do the wing attack, don't bother attacking her. She regenerates Ki too fast in the circle compared to the Ki you damaged with the one heavy attack. Instead, run away and make her chase you out of the circle. She walks slowly, so she will regenerate about 2 heavy attacks worth of Ki.

                  When you fully drain her Ki, go in for 1 full light attack combo. Then back away, and see what she leads with. She'll usually do a grab, which you don't wanna get caught by, or she'll do an umbrella combo. Either way, if she missed the grab or combo, get one heavy attack in and back away again as she summons the circle thingy.

                  Finally, when she's in the air, move to the left, and dodge the paralysis and kunai attacks. Shuriken are handy to throw at her between her attacks, but they aren't necessary. After a few attacks she dives at you, and you can resume the ground game with a heavy attack.

                  Good luck!

                  • Anonymous

                    Just tell me if it's not for this wiki how tf am I supposed to find out what works on her and what not. What she's weak and resistant to. All that with she just 2 hit killing me. And devs are showing a big middle finger by having the last shrine a mile away with f****** yokais littered in the path. Man this is bs.

                    • Anonymous

                      She was actually quite easy... well when I fought the second time in the bathhouse. Especially since I’m a kusarigama main. Her attacks are pretty simple to dodge. Just pop some pills use a defense break and lightning talisman. When yo I want dodge when up close dodge backwards not to the side or behind her.

                      • Anonymous

                        If you're like me and prefer the axe over everything else, do yourself a big favour and switch to a spear for this specific fight. You will simultaneously switch from nightmare difficulty to medium/hard difficulty. You want a weapon that's relatively fast with good range, just use standard strong thrusting attacks.

                        I've played all the Soulsborne games and Hino-Enma is a type of boss that I don't recognize in those 5 games. It's what I would label a 'Back off or die' boss. Keep medium distance, roll sideways for the paralyze wave, circle left when she's in the air, actually roll forwards when she dives in, but most importantly back off, and dodge backwards if necessary, when she's charging at you to do her combos. In the Soulsborne games there's always an opening for a more active and aggressive approach on bosses, but Hino-Enma will simply kill you if you try that.

                        I know a few players like to explore a bosses attack moves (dodging a lot) before striking, but I'm not like that. Hino-Enma might not be such a pain for those kind of players.

                        • Anonymous

                          This boss fight is literally the reason why my TV is broken. She is so unrelenting against you, especially for how early you have to fight her

                          • Anonymous

                            Lol didnt know there was a paralysis charm! Fought her for 20 somethingtimes and on the last I just fk it and spam lance mid stance trust (triangle button). Surprisingly she went down really quick!

                            • Anonymous

                              Ps4 this boss crashes my game. Either she kills me and the game freezes in the death animation, or I kill her and the game freezes on the loading screen after finishing the mission. Please help...

                              • Anonymous

                                You gotta bait this boss. If you've come from Dark Souls where you rush and dodge with I-frames, you're gonna lose. most of her attacks are designed to catch people trying to dash behind her

                                • Anonymous

                                  I have tested amrita and gold drop by fighting without any equipment that will increase amrita or gold earned from the boss. \\ amrita earned : 3528 Gold earned : 447 \\ This is just a guessing, may be the amrita and gold earned increase or decrease depends on how many times you encounter the boss

                                  • Anonymous

                                    Take note of the sound, this boss will shout before she does certain moves, like her charge. It will help you time dodges. Constantly circling her also helps against her pesky blasts or charges. Try to dodge near her, get her once or twice, then back up. It's risky to get caught w her paralysis. Once you get ki is almost out, use living weapon to drain her ki and stun lock her. Throwing somthing at her when she flies is also extremely useful. ( Kunai or shuriken are easy to use)

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Fun fact: If you manage to throw a shuriken at her directly at the start of the fight during her charge up she will fall down and grant you some free hits right at the start of the fight. You have to hit her while charging though.

                                      • Anonymous

                                        Anyone know what I can do to not die in 2 hits from her light attack? her strong hits kill me in 1 and after watching others playtbrough I'm so confused at how they can take so many hits

                                        • Anonymous

                                          If you are having troubles with the controls, this is the perfect fight to train them. Is constantly dash, dodge, attack when you see an attack window, and use ki pulses to recover.

                                          • Wear VS. Paralysis armor, use lightning talisman, VS. Paralysis omamori charms (if you own it), low stance spear, when 1/3 health left, use living weapon

                                            • Anonymous

                                              I think the best advice when fighting her would be: this is not Bloodborne, you can run while you target someone. Don't dodge, run away from her and keep medium distance you can quickly cover. If you start to run away when she attacks and towards her to do 1-2 hits once she misses, this fight becomes as easy as killing an ordinary skeleton. Also, don't dodge her projectiles/dive move, run in a circle around her, it allows to avoid them completely, even kunai. The key to winning this fight is to constantly move back and forth. After dying 20 times trying to play like Bloodborne, I finally realized my mistake and killed her without taking a single hit.

                                              • Anonymous

                                                Got some general tips for those interested in a safer way to beat her.
                                                Stay around 1 roll distance away at all times.
                                                ~ Whenever she goes for her Paralysis Wave, she will give an audio clue. Dodge in middle or low stance (double tap dodge to be sure but once you get the timing, a singe dodge is all it takes) when the audio clue is over. After doing it once, you should get a better idea of the timing. After the Wave, you can always close the distance by dodging towards her once and followup with an attack (mid of low stance) or simply dash and strike. All weapons but the Axe can get 2 free, safe hits (the kusa low stance combo is not safe unless you know exactly when to stop). The axe gets 1. Dodge back once afterwards.
                                                ~ If she run towards you, she will either do the combo, umbrella combo, Wingspin combo or grab. whatever the case, dash away and left or right and wait to see what she does.
                                                ~ If she uses her normal combo, stay just out of range to see if she will do the final attack (a downwards kick). If she does, you can get a full spear, sword or duals heavy combo, 2 heavy attacks with the axe or 2 heavy hits withe kusarigama (low stance is a bit tricky here again, for me at least). If she doesn't you can still get 2 free quick hits on her (or one with the axe) before backing off.
                                                If she does the umbrella combo, wait for a final blow where she puts the umbrella in front of her. Beware cause she can do that final move at any time after the combo is over so if she doesn't perform it, you take a chance by attacking. The umbrella causes paralysis too. Sometimes she likes to start the combo with this move, then attack twice and sometimes finish with it again. Generally it is not safe to attack her when she uses the umbrella (who would think umbrellas could be this dangerous?) cause at the first encounter, generally her two hits will stun and she will finish you off with the grab. Later, with proper paralysis resistances, it is somewhat safer.
                                                ~ Her Dive Attack (she can do it on the ground as well, the wiki is wrong there...) has her pull a backflip before charging. It is slower than it looks so wait for her to actually start flying at you before dodging. You can also block this one if it gives you trouble and you'll take no dmg (it may take away all ki, but you will recover before she does). If you dodge it, you can get 3 (or 4 if you feel you've got her timing right) safe hits with the sword, duals or spear but only 2 with the axe and 3 with the kusarigama.
                                                ~ If she does the Wingspin, either keep dashing away or, if you weren't already, backstep once, wait a second and back dash again. You can then attack her for a full heavy combo with all weapons but the axe (give her 2 only if you wanna be safe).
                                                ~ If she tries the grab, keep moving and it will miss (the reach is not good and it is rather slow) then attack till you see her putting her tongue(s?) back in the mouth before backing off again.
                                                ~ When she goes up, always hold block and wait. She will either give the audio cue for the Paralysis Wave or throw her shuriken.
                                                Dodge the wave as you would if she was on the ground and simply block the shuriken (she throws 2 times, 3 shuriken each). If you have projectiles like kunai or shuriken (or can quickscope her like a badass) one or two hits will be enough to knock her down but if you want to play safe, you can wait for her to come down on her own. She comes down in two ways. Either a normal Dive attack (deal with it like you would a ground Dive attack) or a special variation if you are closer where she will stomp the ground and pollute the area around her, then do a backflip and get into position. You can attack once or twice here bu the recovery from this one seems faster than the normal Dive Attack (it doesn't look like it but I've been having trouble safely landing a combo on her after this one).
                                                ~ Whenever she falls down, beware. Don not pull more than one combo on her cause she likes to wake up with a stronger version of her grab.

                                                Hope this helps.

                                                • Anonymous

                                                  It is very simple, when she dives (first attack of the fight) roll to left, then attack her and roll back. When she does waves, roll to left to dodge after you hear her *grunt* sound. When she does anything melee, don't go in for the hit it's a trap. Except when she does the wing melee attacks, you can safely get few hits after her moveset.

                                                  When she goes aerial, same thing, dodge everything to the left and for shuriken you can just keep running to left no dodge needed and avoid all shuriken throws. When she ends the aerial she does another dive, dodge and get in hits.

                                                  Rinse and repeat. I did this boss, second try without getting hit more than one time and that was when she was aerial I didn't know what to expect.

                                                  And I used low stance for all my hits and rolling never actually changing stance.

                                                  • Anonymous

                                                    Fun fact: if you throw a kunai/shuriken at her while she's in the air you can easily make her fall down and get some free hits. Also, using Paralysis Charms (recommend two) makes the paralysis effect wear off a lot faster, sometimes negating it entirely.

                                                    • I tried her last night and was killed immediately. Can someone suggest a level to be able to take her down without loosing 50% HP each time she hits you.

                                                      • Anonymous

                                                        I have found that fire also works well against her. Bombs and fire talismans are what I used for most of the fight.

                                                        • Anonymous

                                                          Single best, crazy easy approach is to use Windstream technique with Dual Swords in High Stance. Nutso easy.

                                                          • Anonymous

                                                            honestly don't know how anyone can beat this boss. i'm 15 tries in and keep getting killed within seconds of starting the fight. learning to dodge her is next to *****ing impossible for me apparently

                                                            • Anonymous

                                                              I recieved a smithing text for a special helm after unlocking all of the lore for this boss, idk why, but I didn't get anything from unlocking all of Onryoki's lore.

                                                              • Anonymous

                                                                Is anyone else having trouble unlocking extra "lore" for her? I've beater her 3 times now, and I haven't unlocked the part which requires you to beat her 2x times

                                                                • Anonymous

                                                                  PROTIP: The Archer Set that you can find in various places throughout the caverns has high paralysis resistance. Her attacks will still hurt, but they'll rarely actually paralyze you. If you have the Ogress Mask, use that too, as it's great against paralysis. If you can't find all the pieces of it, it sometimes drops from the Oni and One-Eyed Oni near the Shrine. Wearing this will make this fight MUCH less frustrating.

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