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Honda is a Clan in Nioh.

Clan Analysis

The Honda clan were the oldest traditional retainers of the Tokugawa, granted domains in Kazusa province (today's central Chiba prefecture) and elsewhere. Their most famous leader was Honda Tadakatsu.

Tadakatsu made his debut as a warrior alongside the Imagawa forces at the Battle of Okehazama under the leadership of Tokugawa Ieyasu, and fought at almost all of the Tokugawa clan's major battles after that. Despite his daring performance on the battlefield, his skilful use of the commander's baton always allowed him to escape without a scratch. Praised by friend and enemy alike as the greatest warrior in the East, he was later considered one of the "Four Heavenly Kings" of the Tokugawa clan for his skill and loyalty.

The Honda family crest, "Maru-ni-tachiaoi", shows standing hollyhock in a ring, similar to the Tokugawa clan's triple hollyhock design. This is said to be derived from the double hollyhock emblem of Kyoto's Kamo Jinja Shrine, where the Honda clan's ancestors served as priests.

Crest Protection

  • Damage Halved (Full Life): 40%
  • Skill Damage: +7%

Special Reward

Daily Reward


  • Damage Halved (Full Life) reduces the damage you take when at maximum health.
  • The Tokai Region Sub Mission "The Champion of the East" is an excellent place to grind for Warrior of the East set pieces.

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