Guardian Spirit Protection

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30 Spirit req.
Spirit Protection 20% 23%  
Increase Ki Recovery Speed (Critical)      
Auto-Recovery (Finished Using Living Weapon)     25
Evasion Ki Usage -22% -25% 27
Close Combat Attack (Critical) +19% +21% 30
Prevents death as long as you are not in a critical condition  60% 60% 32

Living Weapon

Bonus Lvl 1 Lvl 30  
Attack Enhancement 12% 13.8%  
Wind 40 60  
Usable Time (seconds) 19 21  
Might 650 720  
Action B+ A-  
Recovery A A  
Tenacity B+ A  
Amrita Gauge Rate C- C-  

Janomecho is the Guardian Spirit of Otani Yoshitsugu and later, Sanada Yukimura.
Guardian Spirits can be chosen to provide the player with certain benefits.
Activate Living Weapon by pressing + (B + Y on Xbox/Steam controller) when the Amrita Gauge is full.


Pronounced "Jah-no-may-CHO". A humanoid Guardian Spirit possessing butterfly wings and antennae, Janomecho is said to have a strong connection with death and the soul, and that all who speak its real name die— hence why people call it Janomecho, a type of butterfly known as "minois dryas" in English. Samurai would often pray to it before heading into battle, believing it would bestow great power upon those willing to risk their lives for glory.

How to Obtain

Strategies and Notes

  • Unique Skill: Janomecho flies a short distance and summons a stationary tornado, which inflicts pure Wind damage and will persist for around 10 seconds. To activate, press  + O (B + Y on Xbox/Steam controller) while Living Weapon is active OR use either the Guardian Spirit Talisman Onmyo Magic or a Moment Talisman.
  • Although Janomecho first appears in the base game during "Sekigahara", it only becomes available as a Guardian Spirit with the Bloodshed's End DLC.
  • Janomecho's powers strengthen those near death, which fits into the lore of Otani Yoshitsugu and Sanada Yukimura.

Table Key

Might Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge decreases if you are hit while using the Living Weapon.
Action Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge is reduced when you consume Ki while using the Living Weapon. The higher it is, the more you can use it.
Recovery Rate at which the Living Weapon gauge recovers when you absorb Amrita while using a Living Weapon.
Tenacity The effectiveness of a Living Weapon that is active when your Life is under a certain level.
Amrita Gauge Rate The rate at which you gain Amrita. The higher it is, the qicker the gauge fills. When the Amrita gauge hits maximum, you can invoke a Living Weapon.


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