Build Name
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
Any 10 Any Any Any
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
10 15 Any Any -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Katana Master
  • Build Level: Any
  • Build Focus: PvE 
  • Build Main Stat: Magic


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: Swords (Specifically Katanas)
  • Ranged Weapon: Player choice
  • Armor Set: Light
  • Accessories: Player choice
  • Items: Player choice
  • Guardian Spirit: Daiba-Washi


Build Strategy

This build is a general framework for using katanas. Once you hit the minimum specified stats, you can take keep this build going across any level. The stats specified maximize your katana use. Use light armor to minimize trading, instead equip yourself for speed and stock plenty of ammunition for ranged and explosive attacks. You want to avoid up close contact unless you're going for stealth type sneak kills.



|  Adamantine Axe  | |  Axe of the East  | |  Ninja Warrior  | |  Powerful Swordsman  | |  Tank  |


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