Key Items


Key Items In Nioh are Items used to unlock access to certain locations or functions.

Item Use Description Location
Dungeon Key   The key to the dungeon beneath the Tower of London.  
Smithing Text: Onryoki Kabuto      
Smithing Text: Hino-enma Kabuto      
Smithing Text: Ogress Mask      
Hora-gai Shell      
Flint  Used to light bonfires on Forebodding Seas level    NPC gift at mission start.
Key to the Castle Gates      
Hiragumo Fragment I      
Hiragumo Fragment II      
Hiragumo Fragment III      
Hiragumo Fragment IV      
book_of_reincarnation_niohBook of Reincarnation Use to reset your level and skills. A text detailing the secrets of life, death, and rebirth that lets you reassign your Amrita and skill points.
However, using it will reset your level and skills. It cannot be used during a mission.
harakiri_sword_niohHarakiri Sword Use to transport to the nearest Shrine, but lose all Amrita. (unlimited uses) The short sword used in a ritual suicide of a famous general. Harakiri, also known as seppuku,
was a ritual suicide by disembowelment to  atone for carelessness or to show regret for one's
actions. The person committing harakiri retained their honor by showing the determination
to accept the ultimate responsibility and punishment for their transgressions.
Use this item to commit harakiri. You will lose everything, but retain your honour.
(You will lose all Amirita and be returned to the nearest Shrine.)
himorogi_fragment_niohHimorogi Fragment Use to quit a Mission, but lose all Amrita. (unlimited uses) A splinter of a sacred tree used as a holy vessel in religious rituals. Uses up all of your Amrita, but allows you to quit a mission and return to the starting point. Default
Key to Residence The key to the residence of the leader of the fishing village.    
ochoko_niohOchoko Used to summon other player for Co-Operative play. A small ceramic cup for drinking sake. Using it to make an offering at a shrine will summon a visitor. When the visitor arrives, it will take the cup. Drops from Revenants
sacred_salt_niohSacred Salt Sends summoned players back to their game world. (unlimited uses) Salt used in a simple ceremony to send Visitors back once you are done with them. Default
Seiryuji Temple Key The key to the Seiryuji Temple    
Cracked Ochoko Cup Used to enter The Abyss A small ceramic cup for drinking sake, now cracked, perhaps from being carried onto a battlefield. When offered at a crossroads, it will open up the path to a world beyond the mortal realm known as The Abyss, where battle rages for eternity. Most bosses, helping other players as Visitors
White Ochoko Cup Used to summon Visitors in The Abyss A small white ceramic cup for drinking sake. Using it to make an offering at a shrine in The Abyss will summon a Visitor. You can offer up to two of these at a time, and one cup will summon one Visitor. When a Visitor arrives, it will take one of the cups.
While white is a symbol of purity that cannot be tainted, it is also the colour used for burial clothes and can thus represent death and departing from the mortal realm.
Silabar Ingot Used to store Amrita This ingot is made of special kind of silver that allows you to store and use Amrita easily. The technique of infusing Amrita into silabar is a closely guaded secret of the master smiths who use spirit stones. Only when they are sure beyond any doubt that their customer can be trusted will they accept work involving this prized metal  


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      I just began playing Nioh today, and couldn't complete the first mission after trying the last boss for a couple of hours. I am tired and want to quit, but can't find the Himorogi Fragment. There is only a Dungeon Keys under the Keys tab. I finally just quit the game because I am sick and tired of this right now. Is there a reason I don't have that item?

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