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Kobayakawa is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Kobayakawa clan were originally from Aki province (today's Hiroshima prefecture) but later claimed Nashima in Chikuzen (Fukuoka) as their domain. Famous clan leaders include Takakage and Hideaki.

Kobayakawa Takakage was the third son of Mohri Motonari, but joined the Kobayakawa clan and eventually rose to lead it, later swearing fealty to Toyotomi Hideyoshi. He adopted Hideaki, a relative of Hideyoshi's, as his son, and in due course Hideaki succeeded as head of the clan. Hideaki was despised by Hideyoshi, and due to his repeated strategic errors was ordered to give up the clan's traditional holdings. After Hideyoshi's death, however, Hideaki recovered the clan domain in Nashima with the help of Tokugawa Ieyasu. It is said that the debt he felt he owed to Ieyasu was the reason for his later abandonment of the Toyotomi clan.

The Kobayakawa battle flag, "Chigai-gama", was a pair of crossed sickles, said to be a reference to Suwa Shrine, where a sickle was revered as the sacred vessel of the deity. This imagery was reportedly used to pray for both a bountiful harvest and victory in battle.


Crest Protection

  • Ki (Kusarigama): +5%
  • Attack From Behind: +8%


Special Reward

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