Trophy Kodama Leader
Total 150

Kodama are NPCs in Nioh. These cute green creatures will assist William if you guide them back to a shrine.


Kodama Information

"Kodama are neither god, nor yokai. They inhabit trees, and also man-made objects as well. They have childish, adorable appearances. Kodama generally remain near the shrines of their forests, but occasionally become lost and wander. If you guide these lost ones back to their homes, you may find that they reward you in kind."


Kodama Locations

Finding them and guiding them to the nearby shrine will grant you access to bonuses provided by the Shrines in the area. Kodama will hide and become unresponsive if you attack near them. Wait until they re-emerge from their bowl to interact.


Kyushu Region: Total of 25 Kodama


Isle of Demons (9 Kodama)

  1. In the area with the two villagers next to the hut. Break the cart to the right of the hut to reveal a Kodama hiding under it.
  2. In the area where you face first Yokai, Kodama is behind a fence next to the hut with a chest.
  3. In the area with many graves. Go uphill right when you enter the area, Kodama will be behind the tree.
  4. In the area where you face two Dwellers. Kodama is on the cliff behind the tree.
  5. In the area with a second shrine, after opening the gates with the key look down to village rooftops to find a Kodama on the cliff.
  6. In the area with a second Yokai in the village. Find a ladder inside a hut and climb it. Kodama will be under the "porch" you climb onto.
  7. In the area with two watchtowers near the exit to the beach. Drop down onto the rooftop below the left tower, go across the roof and find an overhang with a Kodama on it.
  8. On the coast. After entering the coast area head left to the water, you will find Kodama on the cliff on the edge of the water.
  9. Near the shortcut from the coast to the second shrine. Go past the door and you will find the last Kodama.

Deep in the Shadows (8 Kodama)

  1. Inside the first big cave. In the room with open chests, Kodama is near one of them.
  2. Inside the room locked on the boss key. Kodama is to the left of the chest.
  3. Past the hot spring. Kodama is in the small cave on the left.
  4. Follow the cave from a second shrine. Kodama is in the third set of mushrooms.
  5. From a second shrine, follow the cave until you can turn left. Drop down from there and hug the left wall. Kodama will be in a set of mushrooms.
  6. After that, go further. Drop down and follow the path until you find a ladder to the left. Climb the ladder and go down the path until you find Kodama.
  7. Drop down from here and find a boulder with a rope around it. Behind it will be a path with crystals. Kodama is inside.
  8. In the area with a yokai throwing bombs. To the right is a path that leads up to the chest. Kodama is hidden behind a rock inside this room.

The Spirit Stone Slumbers (8 Kodama)

  1. When you will get to the wooden bridges, cross the second one and look for the bending tree on your left. Kodama will be on the tree.
  2. After that, turn and go behind the shrine in front of you. Follow the path until you find a small house. Kodama is under the tree behind this house.
  3. Turn left and find a building with a broken lamppost. Kodama is behind a couple of boxes on the left side of that building.
  4. Run towards the big door and turn left right before you get to it. Follow this pathway, then take the path between the two wooden fences. At the very end of this path you should see another Kodama.
  5. After the boss fight, reach the elevator room. Don't take the elevator and look to the side of the lever. Kodama is there.
  6. Start the the Shrine at the bottom of the elevator and take the path near there. Follow the path until you can find an area with some stairs and a locked door. Take the stairs down that don’t lead to the door and keep going until you find some rubble and roots in the next room. Kodama is near there.
  7. Find a second shrine. Go around the corner and you will find Kodama next to the inactive Sentries.
  8. The last one is near the light switch you have to hit to get through the doors. After you hit the switch, run back the way you came and don’t drop off. In the room with the switch that shoots the trap, there is a broken wall in the right corner, the Kodama is there.


Chugoku Region: Total of 25 Kodama

The Silver Mine Writhes (9 Kodama)

  1. From the shrine, go to the right on the wooden overhang and climb down the ladder. Kodama is to the right of the ladder in a pile of baskets.
  2. Climb back up the ladder and follow the overhang until the end. Drop down, go straight and turn left to find a ladder. Climb up to yet another overhang and follow it until the end. Kodama is inside some baskets.
  3. Go back a bit and find another overhang beneath the one you are standing on and drop down there. Go straight and past hot spring and a chest is yet another overhang with a Kodama on it.
  4. Drop down and follow the path until you find 2 ladders. Climb up the ladder and follow the set of wooden bridges until you find a wooden bucket in the middle of a wooden overhang. Kodama is inside that bucket.
  5. Go back a bit and turn left to find a door. Look down from there to find Kodama right beneath the overhang you are standing on.
  6. Drop down to the ground and go straight until you find a door with Amrita on the walls around it. Kodama is in the small alcove to the left of the door.
  7. Turn back and go straight until you find a path to your left. Climb up the ladder. Find a corpse on the cliff with the "Central Mine Key" to open the door you found before. Follow the path and a set of bridges. Go past the Wheelmonk and look to your right to find a small overhang below to drop onto. Turn left and you will find Kodama.
  8. Drop down, turn left and choose the right path with a wooden archway. Hug the left wall and in the middle of the path (where no archway is) you will find Kodama.
  9. Turn back and climb the ladder. Turn right and follow the path. Beware of a Wheelmonk that will rush from behind the boxes in front of you. Kodama is behind these boxes.

The Ocean Roars Again (9 Kodama)

  1. From the beginning, go the shrine and cross the bridge next to it. Turn left and destroy the box in the corner. Kodama is behind it.
  2. Turn right and follow the path until you find another bridge. Kodama is at the end of the bridge behind some boxes.
  3. Turn right and go straight until you can turn left around the corner. Go straight and go up the stairs to the porch with spider web. Destroy the boxes near broken boat and drop down. Kodama is next to the boat.
  4. Go back to where you entered a porch and turn right. Follow the path and turn right, you will see a ruined bridge. Turn right again, you will see a couple of boxes. Kodama is behind these boxes.
  5. Turn back and go straight then turn right and you will enter a ruined boat. Go straight and turn right to see yet another boat. Go a bit straight until you find a beam leading to the boat. Climb a beam and then the ladder. Cross the boat to find a "stairs" to the rooftop. Kodama is hidden to the left of the "stairs".
  6. Climb to the roof and turn left. Go straight to cross the roof and yet another boat. At the end of the boat turn right and drop down. Turn back and you will find Kodama at the edge of the bridge.
  7. Turn back and turn right to cross the bridge. Then turn left and follow the path until you find a hot spring. Kodama is at the edge to the left of the spring.
  8. Go back and cross the bridge you crossed before. Turn left and you will find a museum-like room. Kodama is behind the shrine miniatures.
  9. Turn back, go straight, turn left and then right. Go to the right past the familiar porch, turn left and climb a pile of broken boats up to the roof. Follow the roof until you find a Yoki. Climb down a ladder behind him. You will find Kodama on the edge.

The Three Angry Gods (4 Kodama)

  1. From the beginning, walk straight and then uphill until you reach the strairs. Right where the fence begins, drop down and you will find Kodama.
  2. Drop down and go uphill again. Go up stairs and turn left to go behind the building. Then turn right, follow the path and climb down a set of ladders. Turn left and the wall in front of you is Nurikabe. You can either bow to it or kill it. Follow down the path and Kodama will be there.
  3. Go back and climb up a set of ladders. Then walk straight until you go outside and drop down to the roof. Kodama is at the edge on top of the roof. 
  4. Drop down to the left of the building and follow the path with a wooden fence until you can drop down. Do it, turn back and you will find Kodama.

The Conspirators (3 Kodama)

  1. From the beginning, go around the boat to your right. Go straight until you reach the water and turn right. Kodama is behind a pile of rocks.
  2. Turn back and walk straight until you find a large boat. Enter the boat, turn left and go up stairs. Turn left and cross the boat until you can walk to another boat. Climb the ladder and turn left to find Kodama
  3. Drop down and walk to the previous boat. Turn right and go inside the boat. Then turn left to enter the cabin. To your right is a broken floor, destroy it and drop down. Defeat the Skeleton Warrior. Kodama is behind some boxes in this room.

Kinki Region: Total 25 Kodama

Spider Nest Castle (9 Kodama)

  1. At the beginning, cross the bridgeof webs to reach a small village. There are several homes here, one has a ladder that you kick down for a shortcut. Head towards that house and look left, where you’ll see it right below a tower.
  2. After the second shrine climb the nearby hill. At the top, head right and continue towards the shack to find one standing next to it.
  3. From the last one, look over the ledge for a roof you can drop down to. Search the edge of the roof to find a place to drop down to where you can find the next.
  4. Once you drop down from last one, go left through a door and follow the path down to come to a cave. There’s a small structure next to the cave with the kodama standing around its side.
  5. Head back the way you came, and take the path to the doors guarded by the large spider. Head through them and go inside the building and make a left and stay to the left. At the end, go right and head outside to fight a skeleton. Head to the back of the house to find it. 
  6. Once you find the Castle Keys, continue. Open the small door and take the path inside to find a large web that leads to a hole. Drop down it and head to the center of the room. Kill the large spider and find the Kodama by the eggs.
  7. From this cave you just entered, exit outside and head up the mountain. Dispatch the foes and look behind the shack you see to find the next little guy.
  8. Once you reach the third shrine, head towards the castle. Go around to its left to find a spider and another green guy in the corner.
  9. Head into the castle and go up the stairs. You can drop down to some webs. Head on to come to a ladder and take it up. Follow the path to its end to find it.


Falling Snow (8 Kodama)

  1. From the start make an about face and head to the left corner to find one hidden in the plants.
  2. At the second shrine, check behind the broken wall across from it to find the Kodama.
  3. At the first shortcut door, head left and take out the Flying Bolt. Investigate the foliage nearby to find it.
  4. Head back to the shortcut and head through. Kill the enemies on the other side of the path and check by the fence to find the next one.
  5. Destroy the second chunk of ice and head through the crumbled house and exit the door on the left. Head into the ice cave ahead and go right when you exit the other side. Take the path to the end.
  6. Head back through the ice cave and into the large building. Exit it via the right passage and follow to the end of the broken building to find the next guy.
  7. Continue from there to come to a torch and take the path on the right. Enter the house and out the other side is a ladder to a snow bridge. Search around for a spot to drop down to where you can find the Kodama.
  8. Once you reach the third shrine, head through the broken fence and take the path to a ramp into a large building. Look to the right to find a Nurikabe. Appease it or kill it and take the first right in the path to find the Kodama.

The Demon of Mount Hiei (8 Kodama)

  1. From the start, head down the path until you come to a left up a small hill. Check by the tree you reach to find it.
  2. From the first crystal you reach, take the path to the right, being mindful of the hole by the crystal. Head around the side of the house you reach and then take a right to find it on a ledge.
  3. Continue to the second crystal and find the crumbling building nearby. Take the path to the left that leads up a hill to find a house with crates on the right to find the Kodama.
  4. Find the ladder that heads down into the caves. Head along the path until you can go left. Head through the door and kill the enemy and then find the Kodama under the shelves.
  5. From where you found the 3rd Kodama, head to the opposite building. Look behind the lamps to find it hiding.
  6. At the third shrine, head through the decrepit building nearby. Exit it to see a Kodama by the entrance.
  7. Head to the third crystal and go down the path to find a small altar with a Kodama next to it. 
  8. From where you found the last one, take the path to the left to come to a drop with an enemy beneath. Go past the drop and into the graveyard to find the little guy.

Tokai Region: Total 25 Kodama

The Iga Escape (8 Kodama)

  1. Hanzo will tell you to find a secret door. Find the wall by looking for the tracks and interact with it. You'll find a ladder with a Kodama standing beside it.
  2. Continue through the mission and once you kill a Lightning Crystal Yoki, go into the hallway behind it. At the sharp left turn, check the corner of the hallway for a panel in the floor you can drop through, the Kodama is inside the room underneath.
  3. Head back to the green crystal and head outside to a well and check by it for another one.
  4. Head into the garden to find a structure surrounded by bamboo. You'll find a Kodama behind here.
  5. Continue to the next green crystal to come to a wooden bridge. Drop down from here and break the crates you see to find the next little guy.
  6. Make your way back up and begin to cross the bridge and drop to the ledge where the cannon firer was/is. Inspect by the tree to find it.
  7. As you progress you'll come to the spike trap room. Head forward and go right. Continue to a room full of symbols and head right to find another rotating wall. Head through and continue right along a series of rights to come to a Nurikabe. Appease or kill it and find a Kodama on the other side by the Hot Spring.
  8. Leave the Hot Spring and find the hidden door beneath the sign in the next room to find the last one.

Memories of Death-Lilies (7 Kodama)

  1. Once you reach the hot spring head towards the river to find a small waterall and a kodama next to it.
  2. Make your way back to the hot spring and drop down to kill the Wheel Monk. Head up the hill and look left to drop down to a ledge and find the next Kodama.
  3. Head to the river and follow it to a building. You will find the Kodama in some boxes.
  4. Continue to a large rock and head left around it. Make the first left and go up the hill. Stay to the right to find it.
  5. Go through th emission to reach the third shrine. In the courtyard near kill the yokai and check behind the temple to find the next.
  6. Find the Temple Key in the tower and below the tower you will find a Kodama.
  7. At the doors to the boss fight up the steps, head right to find the last guy.

The Trail of the Master (4 Kodama)

  1. When the mission begins, head right and go through the second door to some stairs. You'll find the first one by these stairs.
  2. Go up the stairs and head into the left room. Defeat the enemies here and check the left corner for one.
  3. Head to the elevator and roll off quickly onto the beams. Check around and drop down to the shelves to find a Kodama on top of one.
  4. Head back up and roll off the elevator onto the beams again. Follow them through the wall and then drop down to a shelf to find the last one.

The Defiled Castle (6 Kodama)

  1. Go across the water from the first shrine and head up the stairs to a crystal. Go around the crystal and into a room with a door. Head through it to the path and find the first.
  2. Destroy the crystal you passed earlier and head through the revealed path. Go right up the stairs and into a room filled with water. Check the corner on the right for one.
  3. Backtrack to where you went right and now go straight instead. Past the fiend, take a right past the entrance to find a path leading to another one.
  4. At the second shrine, head out of the castle through a doorway and at the second set of stairs take them up to some crates. Break them to find it.
  5. Near this Kodama, find the ladder and take the path past it to a second ladder. Climb it and find the kodama.
  6. Progress through close to the mission end. On the top floor, go outside and check around the building to find the last.

Sekigahara Region: Total 25 Kodama

Immortal Flame (9 Kodama)

  1. From the first shrine, take the path ahead and go left. At the first doorway on the right, go straight to reach another. Find the first Kodama near a broken wall by the doorway.
  2. In the burning village, head to the 2 exit doors but before entering them head behind the house on the right that isn't on fire to find the next.
  3. Head out of the burning village to come to 2 doorways. Go through the one with torches and take the path through another door. Find a Nurikabe on the right. Deal with it and find the little guy behind it.
  4. As you make your way to a bridge blocked by an enemy, you will pass rubble. Search through these to find the next one.
  5. To the right of the bridge, shoot the barrel to explode and destroy the wall and go down the hidden path under the cridge to find it.
  6. At the second shrine, enter the building behind it and go through it. Head left past the exit and take it to the ledge and find the next.
  7. Head up the steps and take the path to find a Wheel Monk. Defeat it and find the ladder and take it up. Drop down to a wall to find another Kodama.
  8. At the third shrine, take the path and check to the side for a drop down spot. Do so and find the little guy behind the rocks.
  9. Enter the next building and keep going to find a Wheel Monk, more enemies and explosives. Defeat them and check the corner for the final Kodama.

Sekigahara (7 Kodama)

  1. Take the path from the start to some burning corpses at the fork. Take the left path and go towards the tree ahead. Find the first one at the end of the path.
  2. When you get to the white battlements area, go around it to the left to find one in the rear near rocks.
  3. Defeat Otani Yo****sugu and head down the hill towards the bridge. Before stepping onto it, head down below and follow the water to find a few statues and a Kodama.
  4. At the second shrine, enter the house on the right and head through to the other side. Be careful of the cannons. Make your way up the hill to a broken tower to find the next.
  5. Head back down the hill into the battlegrounds and head all the way right to a river. Follow the river to the right to find the next.
  6. Progress through the mission and pass the cannons and cross the bridge. Go left and head to the middle tower to find one on a ledge behind the fence.
  7. Drop down from this ledge and go right. Go around the flames and bodies and watch for the projectiles. At the end of the path find the final one.

The Source of Evil (5 Kodama)

  1. When you get to the red portals, drop below the bridge and take the ramp up to defeat the foes. Around the corner you'll find a knocked down tree and a Kodama behind it.
  2. Make your way to the well nearby a busted building. Left of the well by the gate you can find the next one.
  3. Head back to where you found the first Kodama and take the path. Defeat the skeleton and then the Wheel Monk. Beyond them you'll find a knocked down tree. Find the next Kodama in its base.
  4. Now head up the hill and go up the tower to find the next.
  5. At the second shrine, go past the last crystal you have to destroy. Find a house at the end of the path and you can find the last Kodama in the stove.

The Watcher in Darkness (4 Kodama)

  1. Take the ladder down into the next area and go left to a ledge. Drop down to the boxes to fiind the first Kodama.
  2. Head towards the large red doors and head right and climb the ladder. Head right again and take the first left, go through the door. Go down the path and find the Kodama on the floor on your right.
  3. Make your way to the large red doors and head through them. Take the stairs down and check the area to the right of the buildings for the next.
  4. At the second shrine, head down the path and through the doors to find a large foe. Defeat it and find the last Kodama.

Omi Region: Total 25 Kodama

A Defiled Holy Mountain (9 Kodama)

  1. At the mission start, head right and find the first Kodama by the rocks near the grass and trees.
  2. Progress thought the mission until you go through a small cave. On the other side, go up the hill and take the path to a cave mouth, watching out for bats. Head into their cave to find the next.
  3. At the second shrine, go down the first ramp and look over the ledge to find the next.
  4. Keep going down the path to come to a house. Check the side of the house for the next little guy.
  5. Up the side of the mountain, when you come to the second cave, follow the path to the left up and around to come outside. Check to the left to fiind a small cave where you'll fiind the next Kodama.
  6. Once you find the prior one, take the left path in the cave and the left ramp. You'll come outside and take a right and take the path to find the next one.
  7. At the third shrine, cross over the bridge and go right to follow the path along the cliff to find the next.
  8. At the fourth shrine you'll find the next one.
  9. Leave the room with the fourth shrine and take the stairs all the way up to a building. Along the right side of the building you will find the last one.

The Samurai from Sawayama (9 Kodama)

  1. At the first fire arrow trap, go up the stairs past it and break the wall. Take the path to a staircase down. Behind the stairs you will find the first.
  2. At the same fire arrow trap, head left now and take the first right. Drop through the floor and stay right to find the next one.
  3. From the second shrine, backtrack to where you came from and keep to the path on the right. Go up the stairs to the left and defeat the enemies. Use the explosive barrels to destroy the wall and find the next Kodama.
  4. When you go to destroy the vial, head into the area with the cells and head down the stairs. Go outside and around the building to find a Kodama on the side.
  5. Head through a tunnel nearby and take your first right. Take the path to find the next one.
  6. When you get Gaoler's keychain, you will find a cell you can enter and a path from it. Take it to find the next.
  7. If you backtrack to where you found the fourth Kodama, you will find a locked cell with two foes and the Kodama you can now unlock.
  8. When you get to the spiral stairs, take them to the top and head right to drop down when you are able. Take the stairs down to find a Kodama on the right side of the wall.
  9. At the third shrine, open all the shortcuts in this room. In the hall near the third shrine you will find the last Kodama behind all the bags.

The Demon King Revealed (7 Kodama)

  1. At the start, turn around and head down the stairs to find the first one in the stone.
  2. Follow the bridge to the next area. Look over the cliff on the other side to find a ledge with the next one.
  3. At the second set of large doors, you'll find a yokai and skeleton. Defeat them and check to the side of the rubble that is a ramp up for the next one.
  4. Head up the debris ramp and go in the building. Exit through the other side and go right to a ledge you drop down to. You'll come to a ladder that takes you to the stone wall. You'll find the next Kodama on the edge.
  5. Before opening the large symbol covered door that is part of the mission's progression, take the stairs next to it down. At the bottom, head right and stay to the wall to find the next.
  6. Near the second shrine is a path you can take to the right with stairs going down. Take them to the bottom and around the corner to find the next.
  7. From the second shrine, go left and take your first right and exit through the door. To your left is a ledge you can follow to the last and final Kodama!



  • Finding Kodama will give you the option to activate Blessings at Shrines.
  • You will unlock/upgrade the blessing based on the bowl the Kodama is wearing on top of their head.
  • Every 5 Kodamas you find in a region will grant you one extra Elixir.
  • Bonus Elixirs are region exclusive (once you enter a new region your elixir stock will reset to 3 again and you have to find specific region kodamas again to get extra stock in that area)
  • Twilight Missions count all Kodamas you found in all regions. 
  • If your charm has the special effect "Kodama Sense". Kodamas will be appeared as a green dot on your radar when they are nearby.

Select a blessing to receive after discovering and guiding a Kodama back to the shrine. The possible blessings are as follows:

Blessing Description Gold Required
Oracle Blessing Increases the amount of Amrita acquired by 5/10/15/20/25% 100
Swordsman Blessing Increases weapon drop rate by 1/2/3/4/5% 100
Warrior Blessing Increases armor drop rate by 1/2/3/4/5% 100
Healer Blessing Increases elixir drop rate by 5/10/15/20/25% 100
Hunter Blessing Increases material drop rate by 5/10/15/20/25% 100




  • These creatures do not talk, but they will bow thankfully after being guided.



Kodama (木霊 or sometimes 木魂) means "tree spirit or tree soul". These  are spirits in Japanese folklore that inhabit trees, and in traditional mythology appear as trees and may curse the person that attempts to cut them down. The superstition led to a tradition of respected trees that would not be cut down, with generations respecting the ban on the specific trees. According to 13th century literature, they are found in groups deep in the mountains, and very rarely may speak.

Kodama have been used repeatedly in Japanese popular culture, such as in the film Princess Mononoke and the videogames Legend of Zelda and Megami Tensei.

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    • Anonymous

      Why am I finding Kodama in a twilight mission (The Squirming Sprite) that's a copy of a OPTIONAL mission that didn't have any to begin with? And why isn't it listed here?

      • Anonymous

        Am I misunderstanding something about the swordsman and warrior blessing or are they woefully under-powered compared to the others? Particularly Oracle in mid to late game, and Healer in the early game.

        I was thinking is the probability maybe additive? i.e. Swordsman blessing gives 5% drop chance, if a monster normally has a 10% chance of dropping a weapon, it would then be 10+5 = 15% chance (i.e. a 50% increase in this case, which is closer to the other 3 blessings). But if it applies multiplicatively so it becomes 10 * 1.05 = 10.5%, it just seems like a garbage tier blessing.

        Anyone have any drop rate data, or official word on how it works?

        • Anonymous

          can someone provide a more 'locatable' kodama point?
          it can be difficult to follow your 'path' from the first to the last one.
          please do not refer locations from the previous one, it is tedious for someone to find a specific kodama.

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