Kogarasu-maru & Nuke-maru

Heart Change D+ Strength Change C+
Skill Change B+ Attack Multiplier 611
Break 52 Parry 58

Kogarasu-maru & Nuke-maru is a Dual Swords Weapon in Nioh.


Kogarasu-maru & Nuke-maru Description

"A storied pair of long and short blades said to have been owned by the Heike clan in times of old. The longer of the two, Kogarasu-maru (Little Raven) is said to have been forged using the feathers of a legendary raven from the sacred Ise Jingu Grand Shrine and bestowed upon the head of the Taira by the royal family; the shorter of the two, Nuke-maru (Quickdraw) was forged by a son of the famed smith Ohara Yasutsuna. It got its nickname when Taira-no-Tadamori was attacked by a great serpent and it leapt from its scabbard unassisted to protect its master. It is also known as Wither from a legend that if it was stuck into the groud at the base of a tree, the tree would brown and die by morning. The blades went missing after the fall of the Heike clan and their whereabuts are unknown today."

Permanent Effects

  • ⊕ Change to Attack Spirit [D-/A+]
  • ⊕ Spirit Protection (Yatagarasu)


Where to Find



  • This is the only Weapon in the game with a permanent effect which requires Yatagarasu.
  • Despite being a "named" pair of dual swords, with a unique permanent effect and appearence, there seems to be no Smithing Text available for this weapon.





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