Type Clans

Kuroda is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Kuroda clan was based mainly around Chikuzen province (Western Fukuoka prefecture today). Their best-known were Kuroda Kanbei and his son Nagamasa.

Kanbei and Nagamasa were skilled tacticians and brave warriors. They acquitted themselves superbly in the armed service of successive leaders from Oda Nobunaga through Toyotomi Hideyoshi to Tokugawa Ieyasu, making the Kuroda clan one of the country's most powerful.

The family crest, "Fuji-domoe", is a stylised representation of wisteria. It is said that Kuroda Kanbei was inspired to choose this design after falling into an enemy trap and spending a year in a dungeon, where the wisteria he could see blooming through his had been his only comfort.


Crest Protection

  • Close Combat Attack (Status Enhancements): D-
  • Hand Cannon Damage: +6%


Special Reward

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