Lightning Cannon

Stamina Change B+ Skill Change C+
Dexterity Change D+ Attack Multiplier 693
Break 164 Parry 0

Lighting Cannon is a Hand Cannon in Nioh


Lightning Cannon Description 

"A hand cannon said to be developed by Goto Matabe, a retainer to the Kuroda clan. The Kuroda clan excelled at firearms research, and as such, were able to devise a viable method of attack employing hand cannons. This cannon possesses enough power to level castle walls, and it is said that the sound it emits when firing is like a crash of lightning, instilling a sense of dread in any enemies that are within earshot. Matabe was ultimately banished from the Kuroda clan, as some believed he might have been secretly leaking this cannon's designs to other clans. "


Possible Status Effects 

  • ⊗ Ki Damage (Projectiles) +[30%]
  • ⊗ Increase Ki Recovery Speed (Enemy out of Ki)


Location/Where to Find 

  •  ??




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