Mad Spinner II

Skill Point Cost
Skill Type
Mad Spinner

Mad Spinner II is an Axe Skill in Nioh


Mad Spinner II Description

  • Gradually increases speed of your spin.



Mad Spinner II Command

  • Hold




  • As long as you hold the attack button, you will lose ki and spin in circles, increasingly faster, dealing more dps with each second.
  • Mobility while spinning is minimal, you are open to attacks
  • If you end the attack, William will get tired and stop for a while, so cancelling to dodge an attack is hard
  • The attack is very bad at breaking guards
  • This skill requires ki consumption reduction and high maximum ki to be worth it, as well as a big time window  to hit the enemy
  • If all the conditions are met, it deals more dps than most other skills can, by far




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