Mark of the Conqueror is a DLC for Nioh. It is available to players who complete the first stage of the alpha and beta demos. It can also be unlocked by finishing the stage available on the final chance trial. 


Mark of the Conqueror

Once you finish the stage, go back to the main title and press triangle to unlock the content on the PlayStation store. You should keep your save data for the full release of the game, but you can delete the demo application.

The item you obtain is the Hino-Enma Kabuto Head Armor which can be seen below: 

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    • Anonymous

      I did one of the Betas.... I got the Mark of the conqueror... it's IN my installed DLC list. I didn't get this damn helmet... the hell?

      • Anonymous

        when will it be able to get for those of us who werent able to play the betas or for people who played the beta but never beat it due to real life time interfearing

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