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Mohri is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Mohri clan controlled the entire Chugoku region in Western Japan. The best-known clan leaders were Motonari and Terumoto.

Mohri Motonari began with a small domain in Aki province (present-day Hiroshima), but grew his forces through scheming and trickery, at which he was so skilled he became known as the "God of Conspiracy". After his death, the Mohri clan was supported by the Kikkawa and Kobayakawa clans, into which his sons had been adopted, and the clan maintained its discipline and strength into the reign of his grandson Terumoto.

The family crest, "Ichimonji-no-mitsuboshi", is three stars below the character for "one". The former is said to represent Orion's belt, known in Japan at the time as the "Shogun's stars" and revered as gods of war, while the latter refers to the high rank attained by the clan's founder.


Crest Protection

  • Water (Bow): +30
  • Bow Damage: +25%


Special Reward

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