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Mori Bomaur is an NPC Revenant in Nioh.


Mori Bomaru Information


Mori Bomaru was a retainer to the Oda Clan. It is likely that he perished in the Honnoji Incident, as his spirit still haunts the temple's grounds


Mori Bomaru Location

  • In the "Falling Snow" Mission, can be summoned from a bloody grave and fought in the clearing in the middle of the left detour to the boss room. This clearing is occupied by a Flying Bolt and a Yoki.
  • Appears as a revenant in "Return of the Gourd"


Mori Bomaru Dialogue

  • Upon being summoned and defeated for the first time in the "Falling Snow" mission: "Rouse yourselves, men! If we'e not careful, we could end up dying here."


Mori Bomaru Notes

  • Wields a hammer and is equipped with Archer/Bowman armor.


Mori Bomaru Lore & History

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