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Mori Ranmaru is an NPC in Nioh.


Mori Ranmaru Information


A dual-wielding swordman that served the Oda clan.


Mori Ranmaru Location

  • In the "Falling Snow" mission, can be summoned from a bloody grave that appears after the final gate that leads directly to the boss room, but before the yokai fog that spawns an Amrita Fiend.
  • As a revenant in "Return of the Gourd".


Mori Ranmaru Dialogue

  • Upon being summoned and defeated for the first time in the "Falling Snow" mission: "Even in dying, my word is my bond . . . I serve Lord Nobunaga to the end . . ."


Mori Ranmaru Notes

  • Wields dual swords, and likes to spam attacks when at close range.
  • Drops the Rokuji-myogo Kabuto, a helmet that naturally boost Ki capacity.


Mori Ranmaru Lore & History

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