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Murakami is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Murakami clan were based primarily on the Geiyo islands (in the western part of today's Seto Inland Sea). Their most famous leader was Murakami Takeyoshi.

Takeyoshi led an enormous pirate fleet into the Battle of Miyajima to help the Mohri clan secure the Seto Inland, and later fought against Oda Nobunaga on the sea in both Battles of Kizugawaguchi. Once Toyotomi Hideyosh established a national government, Takeyoshi was forced to cease his activities as a pirate, after which it is said he went on to serve Hideyoshi together with the Mohri clan, becoming a minister of water transportation.

The family crest, "Maru-ni-uenoji", shared by all Murakami clans claiming descent from the Seiwa Genji, is a circle containing the second character in the name "Murakami", which also has the auspicious meaning "up". Murakami Yoshikiyo, part of the Murakami clan in Shinano province (today's Nagano prefecture) and sworn enemy of Takeda Shingen, also used this crest.


Crest Protection


Special Reward

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