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Nanbu is a Clan in Nioh.


Clan Analysis

The Nanbu clan were a military household based out of northern Mutsu province (present-day southwest Aomori prefecture). The most celebrated of the clan's leaders were Nanbu Harumasa and Nanbu Nobunao.

The ferocious Harumasa greatly expanded the clan's territory and was noted to have said, "Enter Nanbu land on a crescent moon, and it will be full by the time you march to the other end."—a strong statement as to the sheer expanse of his domain. Harumasa died leaving behind internal conflict within the clan, which only managed to keep their land after Nobunao quelled the infighting and agreed to serve Toyotomi Hideyoshi. At that time, conflict with the Date clan to the south worsened, and the Nanbu's base was relocated to Morioka Castle (present-day central Iwate prefecture). After Hideyoshi's death, the Nanbu clan sided with Tokugawa Ieyasu and participated in the Battle of Aizu.

The family crest consists of two cranes facing one another, each with nine circles on its breast representing nine astrological deities. The crane has long been considered an omen for victory in battle, and the nine circles have deep ties to the Buddhist deity Myoken, who governs both the sun and moon.


Crest Protection

  • Close Quarters Damage: +11%
  • Life Recovery (Finished Using a Living Weapon): +600


Special Reward

  • Condition: Donate Weapons with Change to Attack (Spirit) Bonus
  • Reward: Rare Materials

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