Attack Varies Attack Multiplier 565
D+ Skill 
B+ Familiarity 999
Break 45 Parry 30

Narukami is a Kusarigama in Nioh.


Narukami Description

"A kusarigama said to house the power of Raijin, God of Thunder. Originally, serving as an instrument in ritual offerings at shrines, it was reforged to be used as a weapon and is believed to contain the divine power of lightning beneath its luxurious decorations. As lightning and other natural disasters were thought to be phenomena caused by the gods, shrines were erected in various locations, such as Daizafu of Chikuzen province (present-day Fukuoka prefecture), where Sugawara no Michizane is enshrined, it an attempt to quell the ire of Raijin."


Possible Status Effects


Location/Where to Find



  • Example Note


Narukami Upgrade Table

Weapon Level Attack Multiplier by Quality
  White Yellow Blue Purple Green
Level 1 ??        
Level 2 ??        
Level 3 ??        
Level 4 ??        
Level 5 ??        







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      10 Mar 2019 18:59  

      Sub Mission: A Gilded Deception SPECIAL EFFECTS: Lightning: +9 Strong Attack Ki Reduction: 11.0% Skill Break: + 11.8% Parry: +7 Close Combat Attack: +13.4% Attack Multiplier 618 Change To Attack (Body) D+ Change To Attack (Skill) C+ Change To Attack (Dexterity) B+ Break 49 Parry 48

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