Build Name
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
36 12 7 5 6
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
7 25 5 11 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

  • Build Name: Ninja Warrior
  • Build Level: 36
  • Build Focus: PvE or PvP
  • Build Main Stat: Dexterity


Build Equipment

  • Melee Weapon: Kusarigama
  • Ranged Weapon: Player choice
  • Armor Set: Shinobi
  • Accessories: Player choice
  • Items: Player choice


Build Strategy

Level up your Dexterity to unlock Ninjutsu Skills. Choose the Kusarigama to take advantage of the scaling of Dex. There are diminishing returns after 15 Dex so feel free to apply the stats elsewhere.

The Shinobi set will allow for Ki management. Another thing that adds to it is Ki Pulse during dodge from the weapon skill-tree.

Use the weapon in low stance so you can press combo attacks. Consider using Quick-Change Scroll as well. This works like Tears of Denial from Dark Souls 3 and will leave you at 1 HP instead of 0 for one time only.


|  Adamantine Axe  | |  Axe of the East  | |  Katana Master  | |  Powerful Swordsman  | |  Tank  |


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    • Anonymous

      21 May 2020 13:37  

      Wow guys. Look at my guide! Pick weapon, pick armor, use skill point and pwn mobs! See? The game is not that hard as they told! I hope you liked my build!

      • Anonymous

        09 Jan 2018 04:43  

        I'm level 706. I want to know how I should setup my build. I'm running the Hayabusa set. I use a kursagama which is my favorite weapon. My second is the spear but. So what should I feed my points into

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