Ninja of Iga
Nioh Build
Lvl Body Heart Stamina Strength
208 6 99 5 21
Skill Dexterity Magic Spirit -
46 50 9 15 -

 This is a player-created Build for Nioh.

Build Name:Ninja of Iga
Build Level: 100+
Build Focus: PvE and PvP
Build Main Stat: Depends on which you prefer
Required Stat 1: 15 SPR
Required Stat 2:  13/6 BODY (depends on the iga chest piece you got)
Required Stat 3: 9 MGC
Required Stat 4: 50 DEX
Spirit Beast: Aya Komori (the bat)

Build Equipment
Melee Weapon 1: Oninamida Muramasa
Melee Weapon 2: Up to you (I use O-Kanehira & Uguisu-maru) 
Melee Weapon 3: This is only if you want to run a 3rd weapon I run the Onikiba Kusarigama
Ranged Weapon 1: Bow (I use Tate-ugachi Bow) Must have Agility Bonus A+
Ranged Weapon 2: Rifle (I use the Sakai Rifle)
Head: Iga Jonin Apparel: Hachigane
Chest:Iga Jonin Apparel: Do
Hands:Iga Jonin Apparel: Kote
Legs:Iga Jonin Apparel: Hizayaoroi
Feet: Iga Jonin Apparel: Suneate
Accessories 1: Yasakani Magatama
Accessories 2: Any accessorie with increased Yokai dmg and Dmg from Behind
Items: Elixir, Poison Shuriken X9, Fire Shuriken X9, Power Pill X6, Sloth Talisman X6, Catwalking X6, Suppa x10, Tiger Running X1 

Build Strategy
Note: I am using my current choices in weapons and main stat for this strategy, my level is 208 so you might not be able to get the damage I am getting currently.

The strategy of this build is to do massive damage in several different ways. From behind, inflicting poison and fire recurrent damage, getting final blow hits, and parrying. I will go over in detail how this build works.

The first part of this build requires that you have the proper stats which requires atleast lvl 65. When you start collecting the Divine items (green) you can get an iga chest that requires only 6 body instead of 13 , when that happens you will readjust that 7 points into your main stat or other stat if your main is finished.

The second part of this build is required by gear stats you have rolled. You will need a Change to Attack (???) A+ on both your weapons and you will usually want them to be the same. I will be using my main stat which is Heart as the buid example; however, should you use an alternate nain stat you just need to replace heart with that stat. Why did I choose heart? well in honesty it was the easy to get the change to attack A+ skill for. There is a sword that drops that has  a high chance of that being inheritable. So lets look at all the weapon stats you want, 1) Change to Attack (???)A+, 2) Quick Attack Life Drain ##, 3) Close Combat Ki Reduction, 4) an element either Poison or Fire, 5) a dmg boost of some type, the Muramasa comes with Familiarty dmg bonus A+, for my other weapon which is the dual Katana I went with Agility Bonus A+. I use 3 weapons so on my Twin Katanas I roll Lightning, my Katana Fire, and my Kusarigama I roll poison. On your primary ranged weapon you wnat Agility Bonus A+ this gives a slight a dmg bonus about 300-500. You will also need a Yasakani Magatama this is probably the hardest part of this build. Honestly gear is the hardest part and the biggest con of this build as this can be very difficult to roll. The Yasakani Magatama can be farmed from the True Ninja dojo quest on Way of the Strong and it allows you to replace one of your pieces of gear for something else in this build our weapon.

The Third part of this build will be important Skills. Samurai Skills: HP passive from Axe, all Kusarigama passives, all dual katana passives, ki passive from Katana, Parry ability for the weapons you chose, Iai Quick draw III and/or Sign of the Cross. Ninja Skills: Ninja Tool Mastery x3, Fire Shuriken x3, Poisons Shuriken x3, Shuriken Shooter, Thrown Blade Technique x3, Enlightenment, Poison Control x3, Paralytic Control x3, Tiger Running x3, Dashing x3, Cloudrunner x3, Dodgine x3, Sneak Attack, Catwalking x3, Suppa x3, Medicine: power pill x3, Snakebite technique x3.     Onmyo Magic Skills: Sloth x3, Amplification, Vital Spirit x3, Shikisen Luck Rite x3, Incantation Mastery x1.

Now that we have gone over the stats, gear, and skills we will talk about the last part of this build how to actually use it. This build uses 4 ways to deal massive damage, I will go over each one separately. First Recurrent Dmg; this is why we take the snakebite technique as well as fire/poison shurikens and fire/poison element on our weapons. With the snakebite our recurrent dmg gets a 20% buff and will constant tick on enemies. Fire dmg ticks weaker but faster and can fall off faster while poison ticks slower but stronger and tends to stay on targets longer. Currently my fire can tick for 200 while my poison is 600-800. This form of damage is great when in fights with multiple opponents like the 2 kings of Nioh quest, or just in fights where you want constant dmg and are not in melee range. In short when mine tick they do about 6000-10000k dmg throught the fight. Our 2nd form of damage is for pvp, humanoids, and small yokais. This is our parry now I run the katana/dual katana build and use 3 different parryies mostly because I enjoy parrying but also because it changes what happens. The parries we have are water shadow which just does massive dmg (around 9-10k) Haze which does around 5k than puts them on the ground for a final blow which does another 10k+ and I use the Shrike on my dual Katanas which has the same effect as Haze. This makes PVP battles end in 1 parry + finishing Blow, and instantly kills small yokai and humanoid enemies. Our 3rd form of Damage are final blows. These are great for finishing an opponent after a parry, after a head shot with a gun, or any other time an enemy is on the ground and vulnerable. In the Oda and Lady No fight on Way of the Samurai with a power pill my Finishing Blow does 17k which is half of his HP. The last form of damage on this build are attacks from behind. This includes sneak attacks and the reason I made sure to focus on this with this ninja build which I hadn`t seen in previous ninja builds was because the other 3 forms of damage arent useful enough against big yokais and yokai bosses. The main stats on our accesories and chest armor is damage from behind. currently in low stance I can do 3k from behind and 4-5k from behind in Mid stance. This is what allows me to easily handle bosses and small mobs.

Pros and Cons of this build:

Cons: it requires strict gear and stat rolls, If you get hit you can take massive damage, Requires End game gear and atleast lvl 100 to be able to properly play this build

Pros: You can use any secondary weapon you want, 4 ways of dealing massive damage, Very fast evasive class, the ability to stealth, slow enemies, power your attack, and increase movement speed making it easy to recover your amrita if you die.

 I hope for those wanting to play Ninja this build guide can help you.




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